Friday, May 2, 2014

Promises, promises

I want to make you all a promise. A great one, I assure you.

You see, this Sunday coming will be 4 years since we got our boys.  Yep, our Gotcha Day anniversary.  Seems like there was never a more important, special, amazing gotcha day in history.  

 The brothers.  If you don't know the story of "the brothers" you need to go back and witness a true miracle of God and His provisions and blessings to get our 2 teen SONS home with us, adopted to the same family as their teen sister.

Chosen by HIM, we didn't know a thing about them when I arrived in China to adopt Chloe. And wouldn't have learned of them until much later and probably too late without God's Hand in that too. The story is here on the blog from Chloe's adoption (Feb 2009) up to their adoption (May 2010).

If you already know their story then I am sure with 4 years under our belts you are wondering how they are doing. And I want to share it with you.

But first I need to bring another adoption to your attention----

2 Brothers to be.  And a need. A BIG need. One of the boys  health condition is rapidly deteriorating and it's made this adoption step up  wayyyyy FAST, as in, the sooner the better to get him (and the other son)  HOME faster than expected.

The need is funding to get there sooner-- this was not an expected part of the adoption of these boys. BUT---- God KNEW. And He knew this family He has chosen to bless with these 2 precious treasures that they would rise to the occasion and remain committed to these boys. THEY WILL NOT GIVE UP.

They are needing to SHARE the blessing of these guys-- their blog explaining much more is here (Click)---Where You Want Me To Go

And where to donate is here--- (Click)You Caring donations

And here's another place to donate (CLICK)----

For health reasons the adoption is going fast paced and I humbly ask that if you can donate to get these 2 precious guys home please do so.  Because as I have said before-- this is not God's problem, it's OURS.  It's within our reach to help a family already deeply committed to bring 2 children who have no family to their family and make them SONS.  To show them love, belonging, commitment and teach them about Him. 

So many times people say to us-- we can't adopt. Or we are done adopting. Or I'd like to but I don't meet the requirements. I don't know what to do for "the orphans" God calls us to care about.

Here's the chance to DO SOMETHING and not just do something-- BE PART OF GOD'S BLESSING in these boys' lives.  YOU, and YOU, and YOU making a difference- you can PRAY (It's totally free and #1)-- you can DONATE-- no amount is too small-- your $5, goes in with someone else's $20 and someone else's $50 and there's another $100 wiped away. 

The need is great-- $15,000 needed in 3 weeks. BUT---- this is NOT impossible. It is NOT BIGGER THAN OUR GOD!!!

PRICELESS. These children ARE.  Priceless. No better way to spend money than to invest in a child's life. Here's YOUR chance.

I'll share my boys, our promise to them, their progress, their growth and our last 4 years as a family with them, up next........ just know they too were priceless and yet here they are now, home 4 years with us.  Let's give these boys the chance to have 4 years with their family that loves them and desperately wants to get them home and healthy.


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