Friday, May 23, 2014


Our son who doesn't say much--you know that Chase guy??

Well sometime last week he told us he was getting "an award" at the Vocational Technical ceremony for graduating seniors this week. And that he needed to be at the ceremony at 6 pm.

So you can imagine our surprise when he was called up for "his award" FIVE TIMES!!!

Yes, he got more awards than any other student within the combined 4 schools of senior students. This guy of ours who has only been home 4 years! They joked with him and said hopefully he had a truck to take home all his bounty:)

He got ---

Outstanding Senior award (for his department- Culinary Arts)
FCCLA award
US Food award
HS Alumni scholarship
ServSafe certification 

He's considering going on in Culinary Arts but at present his English skills have not caught up enough yet for him to go on. So he's looking at employment locally while he continues working on his English. 

Unfortunately it takes much longer than the 4 years he has been home to catch up to college level of English especially for an older child which is hard for him because he doesn't want anything to hold him back.  He works very, very hard at everything he does--- proof positive with this awarding winning night:)

We are so proud of him, for sure he has found his "niche" within culinary arts and has really excelled within this program. It's given him a place to SHINE.  

And shine he has:)  WAY TO GO CHASE!! We couldn't be prouder. 

 From orphan to SONshine and now award winner..... so thankful to God,  this one, this son of ours, was not lost.

Each and every older child needing adopted- they are so IMPORTANT--  they just want the chance to shine---------------


Linette said...

Congratulations, CHASE!! (And as for not telling you ahead of time...that sounds like something one of mine would do! Oy.)

Jennie said...

Still waters run deep. A man of few words. Congratulations to Chase. He certainly worked really hard and his diligence was certainly recognized by his teachers. Will he be a relief cook at home?

K said...

Congratulations, Chase! And congratulations, Mom! I know you've had a hard road getting Chase to this point.

Sherri said...

Congratulations!! CHASE!!

leo said...

FELICIDADES CHASE!!! tu eres grande, eres una persona valiosa!! y todos los que desde tantos lugares del mundo seguimos vuestra historia estamos tan felices de ver que valiente has sido, cómo luchas, y qué gran persona eres. Sigue Chase, sigue. Vales muchísimo. Desde lejos, y con humildad, también nos sentimos orgullosos de lo que has conseguido en estos 4 años. Seguro que te espera un futuro feliz.

Christine said...

Chase! This is awesome. Student extraordinaire :) Congratulations!

Dottie P said...

Congratulations to Chase! Quite an accomplishment to win these awards when he had a language to struggle with as well as a brand new culture! And congratulations to Mom and Dad who worked hard alongside him!