Monday, May 5, 2014

4 years

Seems so recent that we were headed off to China to collect our sons. 

Yes, sons we never expected to be collecting, ones we learned of on the very day I arrived at the civil affairs office to meet our new daughter, Chloe, their sister.

Having no clue she HAD 2 brothers sitting at the orphanage, brothers who had  said goodbye and expected to never see their sister again. 

 The boys didn't know that we were unaware of their existence and they had seen the pictures we sent Chloe with our many sons, so they believed we didn't want them:((

So to say we were shocked is a huge understatement, as well, we didn't begin to know how we were going to fund 2 more adoptions and get both the boys approved to be adopted by us. 

BUT---- we laid the burden in God's Hands and He provided every need.

When paperwork needed to come through, funds were short--- EVERY SINGLE NEED WAS MET.  We went to "collect" our new sons with not one doubt that God meant for them to be adopted by us. Not one.

And we needed that!  Teen adoption is not for wimps. Nope, it's not. It's HARD. Doesn't matter if you get an easy going child either, it's just plain TOUGH.  

And we've had the tough. BUT--- we've also had the blessings. Indeed. BLESSINGS.  These boys, now young men have given us many things.  Lessons in loving. Lessons in God's guidance. Lots and lots of lessons:)

Lessons teaching them. Lots of things to teach. Still doing it, today it was "How to fill out job applications, 101."  Ha ha.

But, yes, JOBS. Graduation next month. Such different guys from the boys we met 4 years ago.

Mostly you notice the physical growth- they both have gained over 50 lbs. Not that they have an ounce of fat on them, nope, not sure where all that food goes? We tease them that they must have hollow legs and it's all going there. Because they can really pack away the food. For sure.

Might be in their upward growth, Chance is 5 ft 11 and Chase is 5 ft 9.  Yep older bro is shorter. Chance is still growing too.... wouldn't be surprised if he is 6 foot+.

The boys are also like night and day. Where Chance is a total goof off, Chase is totally serious. Where Chase is quiet, Chance is a chatterbox. Where Chance is more open to affection, Chase is not.  Where Chase is very particular about his stuff, Chance's stuff is everywhere.

Chase's room is in perfect order. Chance's a total mess:)

Even as different as night and day, there's no doubt that both of them are indeed a blessing to us and many others. 

We had no idea how far and wide their story would go and what a blessing it would be to others to help get the boys home with their sister. 

It's been 4 years and their miracle adoption story never gets old:) 

Family makes such a difference. Chosen. SONshines. Loved. What a difference adoption makes in the lives of us ALL.  


Wendy said...

I read of your story right after you brought Chloe home. What an inspiration. I have a son Chase and he sounds so much like your Chase. Chance sounds like my son Dylan. Oh my....they seem so much alike. Such beautiful children and what a beautiful story.

rachel garber said...

I've been following your story since you got Chloe and can't believe how long they've all been home now! I love how tall the boys are - and how much weight they've gained. I would have had no idea, they don't look like it one bit! What blessings for you and for them that you are a family.

Eddie Windsor said...

Long time follower - I will never be able to hear this story often enough God is soooo good!

Karen said...

You are so right...adopting a teen is just tough, no matter if they are "easy" or not! Some days I just want to hide ;)

kimjax said...

I had never heard your story of meeting the boys before - WOW! What a shock and step of faith. You have such a beautiful family. :) Love seeing how God works in the lives of these kids. He knew exactly who to send...