Saturday, April 12, 2014

Work and Play

It's been a busy week in our part of the world. It's really starting to feel like spring is here and what does that mean?  Projects, of course.

Dad and the boys worked all week on a new sidewalk. It looks nice, although it's still not completely done, it's going to need lined with smaller paver blocks to keep it in place.  It's circles, 4 blocks together make one big circle. Neat looking.

I, on the other hand, headed to the attic. Yes, the dreaded chore. 2 1/2 years after we moved we still had unpacked boxes of stuff. And I mean STUFF. Stuff that I looked at and thought "WHY?" Why did I bother to pack it, why didn't I throw it away, why did I think I needed it?  Cause we downsized/simplified a lot when we moved in, thus I do not want to bring this "clutter" in to the house.

So after a HUGE pile of donated clothes went, and a HUGE pile of "trash" happened, the attic is much less full.  Hubby has some stuff to go through, once I got through all the stuff he came and said "Wow, my stuff looks bigger."   Ha ha hubs,  IT IS. Bigger than the other stuff now.

I worked with Chloe, I love, love, love working with Chloe. She's great at organizing. She doesn't PLAY with things we are going through. She's tireless. When I ask for something she gets it QUICK. And she's an EXCELLENT stink bug collector. Yep.

Any ideas on how to rid ourselves of those buggers would be totally welcome. Disgusting things. We put them in a sealed bag, didn't smush any of them yet they stunk anyway:((

Thankfully we do not get them in the house often, but they sure have decided they like the attic. And by attic, I mean the space above the garage, so it's probably why we don't get them in the house, it's not heated out there and most of them were dead.

I can't-stand-the-gross- things. They need to go live somewhere else. They get in everything. And they STINK, of course. Stinky, stink bugs. YUCK.

What I did find that made me happy--- hubby's leather jacket (been looking for that since we moved).  Fun pictures, of all the kids from years and years ago.

I had to kick Kat and Camden out of the attic, sadly they thought it was playtime with everything being sorted and then when I told them that wasn't going to happen they started bickering with each other:(   I didn't think it was gonna work with Kat when she came up and said "Wow, this looks like an episode of Hoard*r's."   Since we have MUCH less stuff than that, I was less than amused with her.  Such ATTITUDE for someone so small in size. Hummmm.

More good stuff I found---a  bunch of clothes that will fit the younger girls this summer and next fall:)  I even found 6 or 7 shirts I had bought for $1 on clearance (brand new!!) and they are perfect for Kat and Phoebe for the summer.  It was almost like shopping again- ha ha.

When Chloe was adopted she was a tiny size 10/12  (at age 13!) and that's where the girls are heading now.  Paisley remains in size 8 girl bottoms, 10/12 tops. So it was super to find so many items of that size.

Once we were all done, I headed to the shower and hubby headed off with 5 kids and the clothes to donate, they stopped off on the way home  and loaded up on fixings for a camp fire supper. WOW.  

What a super idea--- it was a gorgeous day out and perfect ending to our day of work. Easy, yummy, fun, the teens LOVE to play in fire--- I've never seen kids so fascinated with fire from the time we met them. At least now we can sit back and know they won't set themselves on fire...........

Our doggies and the kitty cat joined the picnic, we always laugh at our cat, she's got the maddest facial expressions, she's really so mellow 90% of the time it's funny that she looks so MAD/ disgusted when she's really not. (at least we don't think she is:)

So we've had our first cook out and s'mores of the year. The attic is clean and sidewalk almost done.

 A good start to the spring, I do believe:) 

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Dottie P said...

It's fun to see the pictures of the kids participating in such a normal day for a family, working and then playing and eating together around a fire at the end of the day. Normal, but something they would never have been a part of, cleaning and sprucing up a house that is owned by their family, doing the normal things that families do together. Made possible by you and Ron. I am so thankful to God for you and others like you who adopt.