Friday, April 25, 2014

He's gone

Yep, our "extra guy" is gone. A week that passed by wayyyyyy too fast, it seemed like I had just gone to the airport to pick him up and there we were going back to send him home:(

And what a wonderful visit the teens all had.

 They caught up not only with Titus but with at least 4 other kiddos that they all knew, calling/video chatting while Titus was here to reconnect with them as well. Some younger and adopted to the US, some aged out and in China. 

All special to these teens, children that were living together and who built bonds with each other, bonds that do not disappear. 

I was very glad to see this help the teens, to know where certain friends were now and didn't cause them to become sad, upset, even angry at the unfairness and guilt of them being adopted and friends they love not having that:(  Sometimes it does cause them to hurt and behaviors to show that pain.

And it was fun to see the teens all reconnect with Titus and to enjoy his visit to the max. We made dumplings and a potato dish they would cook for themselves when allowed at the orphanage before he left us. It was yummy and fun. 

The teens spent tons of time just enjoying each other and I got to see what a wonderful blessing  Titus is, a child o' my heart, a child I prayed and advocated for knowing for some reason God had placed this precious treasure on my heart. To see him CHOSEN, now a SONshine for years and such an amazing young man of God. WOW.  Just WOW.

Makes my heart happy.  Because so many times having 1, or 2 or even 3 children on my heart, praying for them to get a family in a sea of faces of orphans, seeing needs that could be HUGE, medical needs, ages, emotional needs, etc. that seem sooooo daunting to finding a family. 

But then to have a child who was one of those children and see him so loved and loving. Such a blessing to many people. It renews the hope that the others, the ones on my heart NOW, could indeed be chosen. That NOT ONE is lost to God, He knows every-single-one of the 163 MILLION orphans world wide. 

He has the Master Plan for each one of these precious children.  He knows the ones who will become a son or daughter and found by the family meant for them.  God's perfect matches. He never goes wrong. 

One such child----

T.  Almost 9, just days till her birthday-- another birthday with NO PARENTS:(
She's from Phoebe's orphanage and has had surgeries for a facial tumor (not cancerous)  and her surgery addressed the pressure of the tumor on her brain which was causing seizures-- staring incidents with headaches for her afterwards. She's also got very typical orphanage delays. 

More importantly for this girl-- she's a treasure. A gem who wants to be adopted. Is not afraid of Americans. Is ready to be CHOSEN. Knows what adoption means, has seen it first hand and wants to be a daughter. Wants to be loved, wanted, accepted as is.

I have permission to advocate for her from the agency who has her file at present. Including sharing our pre surgery picture of her (above). The agency has post surgery pics and her file to share if you are looking and saying "This is my daughter" or even "I think this is our child."  

God could be whispering to you right now, "She's the one. Here she is."  Do you hear Him?

If so contact me at or 

Chinese Children International Adoption at

 to get more info on this sweet girl. We've used this agency, they are SUPER!

 This is a child who really needs a family, is there a family that NEEDS her?? Please join me in sharing the need and praying for her family to be FOUND!

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Jean said...

Love hearing how the teens did together! What a blessing to have him for a visit! My he had grown!!

My heart aches for those left behind! Love that you are advocating for them!!