Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Blessings

Easter, Our Savior has RISEN!  Such a special day we celebrate as we are blessed to have God in our lives and to be so very loved by Him.  And you are too!!!

Lots of pictures of the busy-ness. Keeping Titus BUSY, these kiddos of mine are, luckily he comes from a family with 10 children because he's keeping up the pace well.  Since he has arrived we have --

Had a surprise party

Roller skated

Hid and hunted eggs twice

Lunch out at the kids favorite Chinese buffet

Colored eggs

Easter basket hunting

Church Easter program

Easter lunch and the fun of chopping up a tree for Grandma (Chance was thrilled to do this)

Up next, mountain biking....... then?

 Who knows?

All kinds of fun we are having/ getting in to:)

Poor guy will need to go home and sleep for days to recover from his week here....


 I'll leave you with the pictures to enjoy and our wishes for your families that you have a lovely Easter Day. 


Savi said...

It makes me smile so much to see them all together, and so happy.

Sherri said...

Your children are so beautiful! I look at their shining hair, loving smiles and think of what a difference LOVE makes (and a little hard work too, I know) Happy for Titus!