Thursday, March 6, 2014


Well that snow storm that was supposed to dump tons of snow on us Sunday in to Monday? It didn't come. 

We didn't get a snowflake. Not that anyone but the kids who were dreaming of another 2 hr delay from school, was sad. NOPE.

We are downright burned out on snow.  Hard to believe but true. 

Today we were blessed with a bright, sunny day-- just a day that warms your heart and makes you believe spring will, indeed, HAVE to come.

I *think* the kids have a little bit of spring fever.  They seemed especially rowdy and were carrying on today pretty heavy. 

I heard Camden jumping out and scaring people more than once.  And Chloe and Paisley carrying on, laughing while braiding their hair.

Just general silliness that let's us know that all is well and normal in our world today. 

 The kids aren't usually too rowdy but it's always blessing to know that they are happy and healthy enough to be a little rowdy and are having fun. Things we sometimes forget are a blessing:)  But not today, today we just enjoyed them in all their goofiness.

One thing the kids haven't goofed off at?  School work.  Yep, every one of them got honor roll grades for this marking period.  Not sure why Paisley was the only one who brought home a certificate saying she got honor roll when they all did?

But irregardless, we are proud of all of them, of all their hard work and extra effort they put in to their studies. 

We give them report card money, they were all excited and trying to decide what they would spend their money on. 

I noticed our fundraising girl Chloe convinced her siblings to buy candy she was selling--- she always seems to get them to part with their money, even the ones who typically save their funds. Funny how that happens.

Hopefully we can get some outdoor fun going now that it's warming up to a whopping 40 degrees during the day and the time changes this weekend so we will have more daylight time. 

Spring fever, bring it on.....................

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