Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We can hardly believe that it really is spring here.

It's COLD!  Low tonight of 20 with wind chills making it feel much, much colder. Brrrr.

We are so thankful for a warm home:) Cause this is what it looked like last evening 'round here! 

So not only did MOM visit, but I figured out how to get info to post on the blog. 

Chloe was standing at the window and said "Are my eyes going funny or are there little white things coming down out there?"

I said "It's snowing Chloe, so there's nothing wrong with your eyes, but you are so funny and I am going to blog that."  It's called FAIR WARNING and I gave it.  

 I then went around with my camera and said "Gotta blog......give me smiles!

Okay, so they didn't smile very much. And they are doing B-O-R-I-N-G things, like homework, making some kind of paper project, taking out the garbage.  But they were warned.

So it's fair game.  At least that's my story
and I'm sticking to it.

Chance said "Doing homework and have no clue what the answers are!" When told I was looking for things to blog about.

The only "Non cooperative one?"  Camden.  I have a picture of him covered over completely by his bed blankets and he said I can't even post that.

 As if you all want to see his bed blankets and the big lump of him under them? 

 I don't think so.  I mean, really?

So we will go on to more interesting ones, Paisley, who was making some paper thingy. I don't know what it was supposed to be but it was big and colorful. She worked a long time on it.

And just for you Sherri (Zeke's mom) an update on this teen treasure. She's doing very well.  She's never been a "big talker" but it's funny how much she talks with Phoebe, patiently handling the numerous questions that Phoebe has. 

Paisley went to see "Son of God" with their youth group (God's Not Dead was sold out but they are going to see it next)  and I heard her telling Phoebe all about it carefully explaining who Jesus was and how He fits in with God and our lives today.

I hear some of the neatest stuff sometimes. I often like to just sit back and LISTEN to my children as they talk to each other, and even to me. Just listen to what they have to say. More often than not I am either---


Once in a while ANNOYED, when wrong information is being told to younger siblings or teasing is happening. They are normal kids after all.  But most of the time it's really interesting to hear them tell of past times, or things they have learned since adopted.

Paisley came from a better funded orphanage than the other teens so often I hear "Hey, we never got that."  But even when she speaks of her orphanage life it's still eye opening. 

So they celebrated birthdays-- yes, but as a group.  "Everyone with an October Birthday, here's cake".  No gifts, no hugs, no real celebration of your birth:(

It's just not the same.  Not the same as YOUR OWN cake (even if they don't like cake!) and YOUR OWN gifts.

 Celebrating YOU were born.  No orphanage celebration is as good as being HOME......... being in a family where you know you belong, are loved, are one of US for our adopted kiddos.

And I have to say not only for Paisley but Phoebe as well, they know they are HOME. They know we are happy to have them be our daughters. Sisters.  They are cherished and wanted.

Health wise Paisley is doing as good as can be expected.  The long, cold winter has not be easy on her.  She is stiff. She aches every single day. Yet, she does not complain. 

 She keeps on, keeping on.  Her arthritis is under control, as best it can be. There's no fixing the damage previously done to her bones.

She walks up our lane from the bus each day and I bet you can guess who walks with her........ Yep, Phoebe. 

 Those two are like peas in a pod.  Close.  Phoebe adores Paisley but also worries about her and watches out for her too. They give each other encouragement and are a sweet joy to see together.

Sweet sisters.  Precious kiddos.  Blessings. Each and every one of them:) 

 And Sherri-- please know that Paisley was so happy you gave Zeke a wonderful family--- hugs, from us to you and your family. We think of you often and pray for you. 

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Sherri said...

OH THANK YOU! It's so good to hear about your family...just warms my heart. They are all beautiful kids and I just love the way they are learning to love and be loved. Paisley, Zeke would be so happy that you are now teaching others about God. That was his dream for himself and all of his friends. Someday we'll all be together again! Thank you for prayers..we have really tough days around here sometimes, missing Zeke. And thanks for letting your mom post a picture of you :)