Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday Girl!

It was a big day around here yesterday.

 Phoebe's 10th birthday!!

She was very excited, although we learned from Gotcha Day  Anniversary back in Jan. that she needed a low key celebration and realistic expectations.

 We did that and it went VERY well.

Hot dogs and french fries for supper. Cupcakes, ice cream and presents rounded out the party.

She was thrilled to get a doll and outfits to match, just like Kat's. 

 Someone NOT-SO-THRILLED-- Kat. Yep, the green eyed monster of envy hit big time with some snotty remarks and looks:(  Had to tell her to knock it off or go to her room.

Just lovin' this 10 year old girls drama and phases. Yes, I am.  (NOT)

No one was going to curb Phoebe's enthusiasm, thankfully--- she remained mostly oblivious to the jealous evil looks going her way and just enjoyed a day about HER. Whoooo hooooo!

Phoebe Girl LOVES attention.  She kept asking "Aren't you gonna take a picture?" Even when I already had:) Can't use a flash with her so she can't tell when I had taken a picture.

So here's the pictures of the fun.  Enjoy them as we did sharing this very special day with our wonderful treasure, Phoebe. 

Happy 10th Birthday Sweetie, you are sooo very loved!!

Update--  Here the girls are today.  Green eyed envy monster is gone, they are now enjoying having matching dresses for them and their dolls. PHEWWWW! And so goes the life and times of 10 year old girls:)

  My dear friend Anita made these (and the jammies) and did a fabulous job----  Thanks so much Anita!! 


Dottie P said...

Great posts, Vickie! Thank you!

Dottie P said...

Great posts, Vickie! Thank you!