Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So you might wonder how we keep track of 7 kids needing dental care every 6 months. Like our mega family, we do MEGA appointments. As in whole blocks of time set up for up to 5 at once to go to the dentist for regular care.

Then if anyone has an issue, like a cavity, we go back to get that fixed at a later time individually or 2 at a time. 

Thankfully we have been blessed with children with fairly good teeth, once we got their initial care going. Phoebe's were the worst and even hers are resolving per her dentist today. 

Yep, 6 kids seen and cleaned teeth today. 2 different offices, 100 miles of travel and they are done for 6 more months unless anyone has a problem. PHEWWWW.

Although the first batch of kids did well considering it's a tiny office, it's a LONGGGGG wait (2 1/2 hrs) and, goodness, you won't believe this--- no internet service. 

 They only complained that they were going to starve if they missed lunch (you would think they are NEVER fed if you had heard them) but I managed to get them all dropped off at their schools before the last school lunch service was done. All but Phoebe, whom I picked up as I was dropping off Kat.

And she didn't miss lunch either because out she came with her WHOLE lunch on a tray? I guess they pulled her from the lunch line and didn't want her to go without so they sent her with her meal, tray and all:)  She ate on the way--- so everyone was FED. No one starving here. 

Phoebe goes to a pediatric specialist because her teeth were such a mess. Had to have numerous rotted teeth pulled, spacers in, cavities filled. But today, she got a good report. No new cavities. And many more baby teeth loose and soon to come out. The last spacer is out. 

She lost a baby tooth during the cleaning so the tooth fairy will need to visit tonight:)

Matter of fact--- NO ONE had any new cavities. No one.  Shocking, I know. My pocket book was happy, since our dental insurance is terrible and we pay out of pocket for most all of the kids dental care.

A few noted things--- Chloe has no cavities but has terrible gums. Just terrible. I would guess that's probably from her injured teeth not being treated for YEARS:( Sadly there's nothing that can be done about that now.

Camden's teeth are crooked, as in, he's gonna need braces, crooked:(  This was no surprise to us, his front teeth have been crooked from the time they came in. We are only waiting for all his molars to be in that need to be so the braces aren't done in vain.

Kat-- now, here's a weird one. Dentist had NEVER seen anything like this....... 

She has a piece of gum tissue growing down OVER one of her baby teeth?  He showed me, I hadn't looked at her teeth so I didn't know.  It doesn't hurt her, it's not a problem YET.  Mr. Nice Dentist man said if it bothers her it can be removed, but if it doesn't then we just let it alone. Very weird though?

Other goings on, Paisley has gotten Student of the Month at school. WHOO HOOO!  She's been doing so well with her reading, writing, really working hard and even ASKED if she could stay after for Homework Help (We have required Chance and Chase to stay for HH) to have all the help she can get with her work.

Lots more snow, more coming tomorrow night from what we hear.  Poor hubs. He's so tired of snow. I personally would rather have this that the blazing heat of summer.

Our kids must think it's summer, we've had to tell the boys to wear their winter coats more than once. 

I guess they think they are TOO COOL to wear coats, we have informed them that no girls are looking at them and thinking they are super cool being coat-less. More likely they think they are GOOFY for not having a coat on in minus degree weather.

That's about all for our week, keepin' warm and ready for the next bout of snow shoveling.  Big pot of chili for supper--- doesn't that just make you think "WARM" even if it is super cold:)

Some hot tea or cocoa and we are managing the freezing winter just fine-- how about all of you? Keeping warm? Bundled up and in? 


Rebecca said...

Question: Ashlyn (15), been home a little over a year, friendly, fun, sweet, smart, very well-liked... Just started school a few weeks ago after homeschooling for a year... Makes no effort to make friends. Has no desire to be a friend. Yet has everything it takes for both. Suggestions???

Vickie said...

Rebecca, Call your school's guidance counselor. Ask them to recommend a friend, a child who is in her grade, in as many of her classes as possible, is kind and caring. Then have the guidance counselor introduce them and have them sit together with Ashlyn being allowed to ask "friend" if she doesn't understand something- help her. A child who is not an easy "A" student is often helped by this type of situation, they get to go over the work a second time and take time to ask things if needed to help your child then they get the lesson twice over:) Sometimes this works really great, other times it's just a door till she finds her place within a group of friends. Either way it goes it's a positive, usually for both girls. And it helps break the barriers of feeling like "odd girl out" for your girl. Often times our teens don't really know HOW to be a friend. But being with peers can help with their immature behavior and it's a positive thing to have them in public school-- at least for mine it is. (Or maybe I'm just a horrible homeschooler:)))

Dr. James DeFinnis said...

Woah! Getting all of your kids dental health at check is a huge task, kudos for being responsible and diligent with them. How are they now? Taking care of their dental health starting at a young age will definitely benefit them when they grow older. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie DeFinnis

Leigh Hamilton said...

It's good to know that you take your children's oral health very seriously. It's really hard to keep track of seven children's dental appointments, but I'm glad you make time for it. I hope the practice continues until they are adults. Anyway, I'm glad that they were all very cooperative and well-behaved during their dental visit. All the best! :)

Leigh Hamilton @ Arborridge Family Dental

Byron Kennedy said...
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Byron Kennedy said...

Despite having their individual issues with their dental health, I think you guys did a great job at maintaining their teeth. Anyway, how are they doing nowadays? I hope they are still keeping a good dental hygiene habit. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

Byron Kennedy @ A Plus Family Dentistry

djbabli said...

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