Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So what are we up to 'round here?

 Lots of snow,  that's for sure. Got a lovely 5 inches here yesterday and school was cancelled yet AGAIN.  

And, joy of all joys, more predicted for tomorrow, A LOT MORE.  

Like 8 inches more? Wanna lay odds on our chances of school tomorrow?  At this rate the kids will be "making up" snow days till July. 

Just  typical craziness of my life with this crew. Seriously.

C-R-A-Z-Y  I tell ya. So crazy in fact, that someone (not naming names here) had the totally insane idea when driving down the road next to our home that the beauty of the most recent snow fall would make an excellent background for a picture!!   

This would be when "someone" ventured out to restock the pantry so certain children wouldn't be gnawing on the woodwork-- they sure can eat A LOT.  

So when certain children arrived home from school this crazy person said "Get your blue shirts on and jeans and let's GO."

Some children *may* have commented that "This was nuts" and why were we grabbing bar stools and heading off without coats?

Just keepin' them guessing, ya know?  

 Now before you decide to call the local child service place and report me, these kids were all laughing and had a blast doing this.

So there. And it was FUN. 

They won't soon forget the time their mother, oops I mean----"some crazy person" said "Get your blue stuff on, grab a bar stool and let's go!"

So enjoy the craziness of my world, snow and all:)  Sometimes it's just too much fun to not be "a little bit crazy."


Maria said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful kids! And a great memory that they won't ever forget! LOVE it!

rachel garber said...

I love this idea for pictures! They are fantastic! Enjoy your snow days, here in Wyoming we just get to drive in it and spike our blood pressure :)

Savi said...

I can't imagine being outside in only a t-shirt in that! It has consistently been in the low 30's here in north Texas, and I've realized I could not have survived going to college any further north. I'm wearing a parka, scarf, and multiple shirts every time I go outside.

But the snow sure is gorgeous.

Sue said...

I think the pictures are great.

Vickie said...

Savi, You crack me up. We had MINUS degrees last week and when it "warmed up" to 36 degrees for this picture day it was downright WARM to us. In fact, one of the teens got off the bus in a t shirt. I have trouble getting them to WEAR their coats in such "warm" temps. I guess this is why we feel like we are cooking when summer comes, we are too used to the cold. I have less tolerance for the heat than I ever have for the cold:)

mom2three said...

Great pictures! Looks like even your "cold girl", Miss Phoebe, was doing well without a coat. She has come a long ways.