Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Late Valentines

I hardly know what to do with myself. The kids all went to school. Seriously. Every last one of them.  I miss the buggers, yes I do.

Even though I was stuck with driving Kat, Phoebe, and a neighbor's kid to school because our bus never showed up:( 

 We REALLY shouldn't have had school, the roads were total ice/slush and it was slowwwww going the whole way, like 25 mph and it took me 45 minutes to go and get back home. A normal 15 minute trip. 

There were multiple bus accidents from what I heard so I was just thankful that we got there and I got back safe. The girls prayed the bus would come, then when it didn't, they prayed that we would make it safe, and for me to make it home safe:)  

They were dearly concerned they would not get to go to school and have their Valentine Day party. Yep, still waiting on that.  I didn't want to see them disappointed so off we went.

They had even dressed in their red for the party. I had gotten them Valentine shirts, but not sure what I was thinking 'cause they were short sleeved and it's toooo cold to be wearing short sleeves.

They made the heart sign Phoebe learned at the orphanage, it means LOVE. She didn't want to do it at first, she really doesn't like ANYTHING that has to do with her 9 days she spent at her orphanage.  

Makes me so sad/mad, 9 days PEOPLE. NINE. Traumatized by 9 days. Can you even imagine 9 months, 9 YEARS, or like her teen siblings 14+ years in an orphanage where children are traumatized every-single-day:(

Hurts my heart. So hurts. Such pain these children endure. Yearning to live a normal life, with a mom, a dad, siblings, pets, knowing they are LOVED. They want to be CHOSEN so badly.

Even with the bumps (which are totally normal for sure) they are sooo worth it. 

So very worth it.  I'm sure I will get to enjoy the joy of the girls getting to their party and school today---- and just for them.............

 "Happy Valentine's  Party Day Kat and Phoebe!"

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