Friday, February 28, 2014

Birthday Boys

Had some birthday boys 'round here. Yes, we did.  Still haven't seen one of them, he's supposed to be coming today, that elusive Brandon who turned 25 last Saturday.

He got a new apartment and is needing tons of "household stuff" so that was an easy gift:)  He's also coming to raid the attic and relieve us of some unused things. 

Then last night there was a celebration for Chase. He is 19.  We had cake and enjoyed watching him open his gifts. He seemed pleased and he smiled for Paisley who was snapping pictures, so it must just be for good ol' mom that he saves his totally unhappy looks for?  Oh, well.

We've had some clearer weather which was good for another round of appointments. Phoebe had her eyes checked and will need new glasses. Her nearsightedness is worsening, not a big surprise to the eye doc. He said it's really typical that it would be worse. It's not a huge change but enough to need new glasses.

Phoebe was able to express herself really well and made it clear she thought the doctor could fix her "far vision" more. He broke it to her that her far vision isn't going to change. Her vision affected by her lack of pigmentation to her eyes will not change.  So it will not worsen, but it can not, at least at this time, be corrected.  There's something someone could invent/find a cure for--- hint hint:)

Phoebe did have one BIG change-- her hair. After numerous issues of it getting in the way, being too much for her to care for and the lower 4 inches being yellowed,  from pollution/ poor diet in China, we decided to get rid of the yellow ends.

 Back to the cute bob hair style she sported while in China, she wasn't sure she liked it at first but I think she's realizing how much easier this way is for her and it's growing on her:) 

At least now she will be able to have it grow out without the yellowed ends and grow it long if she wants to.

It's almost March and Phoebe knows that brings her birthday-- whooo hoooo--- more fun to be had, she's confused though because she thinks spring is her birthday gift.

I had to tell her that spring just happens to fall on her birthday and warn her that even though the calendar says spring/ birthday it doesn't mean we are done with the SNOW.  Yep, there's no guarantees we won't be snowed under. Another very big storm heading our way this weekend. SIGH.......

Too bad we can't pack some up and send it to DRY and in-need-of-water California. We'd be happy to share the snow:)

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mom2three said...

The hair cut makes her face look older. Her hair grew quickly after January 2013, so if she decides she wants it long again, it may grow even quicker with the damaged ends gone. Hope you didn't get the bad weather that was predicted this last weekend. We got a lot less than we were suppose to, and I am so glad. Tell Phoebe that if she gets spring for her birthday, to please share it with the rest of us.