Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another SNOW day

Goodness. What to tell you? There's lots of snow. I will spare you the pictures of our 6+ foot plus snow banks the boys have shoveled to keep the drive way open. 

Hubs tried to find a plow for the 4 wheeler but hasn't yet so it's shoveling to keep us going in and out. The boys have done really well about doing it without even being asked at times, although I did hear Camden ask why the GIRLS couldn't shovel "for a change."  

I will apologize to your future wife right here and now CAMDEN. (I'm sorry future wife of Camden- I TRIED!!)

We are SIX, count them SIX days in to a "break" thanks to the every-other-day- snowfalls.  3 planned days off school and BOOM-- 3 added snow days. So what do the kids do to entertain themselves with all this time??

Fight. Well, yeah, some.  They do. Gotta be honest. Usually Camden and Kat.  Then next thing you know they are playing a card game.  

I did get a chuckle when I overheard Kat telling Camden this--- "Just because you came out of mom's belly does NOT mean you get to tell me what to do."  Well then, just to clarify there.  Makes no difference where you came from 'round here.

Kat *might* be the smallest here but let me assure you she knows how to hold her own ground when it comes to all these bigger sibs:)

No serious fighting going on, it's not allowed anyway......

Nor is something else--- not  listening.  A certain someone named Phoebe who has actually has become even a bit defiant in asking "Why" does she have to do this or that when we tell her.  When she knows why already and we also get lame excuses as to why she is not following the rules.

It's pretty simple here. Everyone follows the rules. No one is allowed to NOT follow the rules. And choosing differently will give you lost privileges FOR SURE.  She's lost TV viewing. She's lost her Nintendo DS. She's sat in time out. 
Making choices. Being encouraged to start making the right choices.

It seems somewhat NEW and hard for Phoebe, she was used to everyone doing things for her, as well with her low vision she very easily "zones out"-- meaning she doesn't bother to follow along on what is going on then has to be redirected often and we are trying to work with her to get her to stop that. She's very bright and just has to get used to paying attention and following along, something she needs for school/ life skills.

A typical "bump" in her adjustment, she's been home a year and her bonding has gone wonderfully, so we work on issues just as we would any child of ours who is showing a deficit in the "listening" department:) 

What other things are we up to today? Hair cuts. 5 of them, although 2 were just trims. 

Camden thought it was soooo cool all the different colors of hair that ended up in my pile when I was all done. He and Kat decided we should have a "family flag" of all the hair colors. Ha ha kids. I'll get to that weaving task just as soon as I have time:)

One thing I have noticed recently-- I spent YEARS, I kid you NOT, YEARS trying to comb Camden's hair over to the side. YEARS people. 

And as soon as he could reach his little arm to his head he pushed his hair straight down:( Much to this mother's annoyance.

Now, enter teen years. GIRLS becoming interesting. Hair GEL has been needed. Because the hair MUST go to the side. With a little flip even, that looks all that much better in my opinion.

I should have known. Wait him out. Girls would make it happen.  Not MOM.

Oh my adorable boy. I'm soooo not ready for all this growing up you are doing. 

Well, the kids have hit the kitchen calling for lunch, have I mentioned they eat more often than newborns? It's sandwiches, noodles, oatmeal, toast and who knows what else they will come up with for lunch today?  Thank goodness we've had breaks in the snowfalls enough to get out and keep them well supplied with FOOD.

 Who knows what would happen if we couldn't. The doggies might be in BIG TROUBLE:(  

We did make it out to the presentation for Paisley's Student of the Month award. Only thing was, the certificate was for PAIGE. Last name spelled wrong too?  Goodness. The kids laughed and told Mal her certificate was here, she should come get it- ha ha. Her middle name happens to be PAIGE.

We've been assured she will receive a corrected one-- if they ever get to go BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Let's hope they make it out tomorrow. The younger girls still have a Valentine Party to make up:)


lalalorlor said...

Ohhhh - the low vision zone out... I am well acquainted with that tatic!! Silly girl!! :)

Maria said...

Our DD zones out too.....and her vision is perfect......I kind of thought orphanage thing.......huh.....or selective hearing......or pre-teen rottenness......so many choices!