Friday, February 28, 2014

Birthday Boys

Had some birthday boys 'round here. Yes, we did.  Still haven't seen one of them, he's supposed to be coming today, that elusive Brandon who turned 25 last Saturday.

He got a new apartment and is needing tons of "household stuff" so that was an easy gift:)  He's also coming to raid the attic and relieve us of some unused things. 

Then last night there was a celebration for Chase. He is 19.  We had cake and enjoyed watching him open his gifts. He seemed pleased and he smiled for Paisley who was snapping pictures, so it must just be for good ol' mom that he saves his totally unhappy looks for?  Oh, well.

We've had some clearer weather which was good for another round of appointments. Phoebe had her eyes checked and will need new glasses. Her nearsightedness is worsening, not a big surprise to the eye doc. He said it's really typical that it would be worse. It's not a huge change but enough to need new glasses.

Phoebe was able to express herself really well and made it clear she thought the doctor could fix her "far vision" more. He broke it to her that her far vision isn't going to change. Her vision affected by her lack of pigmentation to her eyes will not change.  So it will not worsen, but it can not, at least at this time, be corrected.  There's something someone could invent/find a cure for--- hint hint:)

Phoebe did have one BIG change-- her hair. After numerous issues of it getting in the way, being too much for her to care for and the lower 4 inches being yellowed,  from pollution/ poor diet in China, we decided to get rid of the yellow ends.

 Back to the cute bob hair style she sported while in China, she wasn't sure she liked it at first but I think she's realizing how much easier this way is for her and it's growing on her:) 

At least now she will be able to have it grow out without the yellowed ends and grow it long if she wants to.

It's almost March and Phoebe knows that brings her birthday-- whooo hoooo--- more fun to be had, she's confused though because she thinks spring is her birthday gift.

I had to tell her that spring just happens to fall on her birthday and warn her that even though the calendar says spring/ birthday it doesn't mean we are done with the SNOW.  Yep, there's no guarantees we won't be snowed under. Another very big storm heading our way this weekend. SIGH.......

Too bad we can't pack some up and send it to DRY and in-need-of-water California. We'd be happy to share the snow:)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Late Valentines

I hardly know what to do with myself. The kids all went to school. Seriously. Every last one of them.  I miss the buggers, yes I do.

Even though I was stuck with driving Kat, Phoebe, and a neighbor's kid to school because our bus never showed up:( 

 We REALLY shouldn't have had school, the roads were total ice/slush and it was slowwwww going the whole way, like 25 mph and it took me 45 minutes to go and get back home. A normal 15 minute trip. 

There were multiple bus accidents from what I heard so I was just thankful that we got there and I got back safe. The girls prayed the bus would come, then when it didn't, they prayed that we would make it safe, and for me to make it home safe:)  

They were dearly concerned they would not get to go to school and have their Valentine Day party. Yep, still waiting on that.  I didn't want to see them disappointed so off we went.

They had even dressed in their red for the party. I had gotten them Valentine shirts, but not sure what I was thinking 'cause they were short sleeved and it's toooo cold to be wearing short sleeves.

They made the heart sign Phoebe learned at the orphanage, it means LOVE. She didn't want to do it at first, she really doesn't like ANYTHING that has to do with her 9 days she spent at her orphanage.  

Makes me so sad/mad, 9 days PEOPLE. NINE. Traumatized by 9 days. Can you even imagine 9 months, 9 YEARS, or like her teen siblings 14+ years in an orphanage where children are traumatized every-single-day:(

Hurts my heart. So hurts. Such pain these children endure. Yearning to live a normal life, with a mom, a dad, siblings, pets, knowing they are LOVED. They want to be CHOSEN so badly.

Even with the bumps (which are totally normal for sure) they are sooo worth it. 

So very worth it.  I'm sure I will get to enjoy the joy of the girls getting to their party and school today---- and just for them.............

 "Happy Valentine's  Party Day Kat and Phoebe!"

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another SNOW day

Goodness. What to tell you? There's lots of snow. I will spare you the pictures of our 6+ foot plus snow banks the boys have shoveled to keep the drive way open. 

Hubs tried to find a plow for the 4 wheeler but hasn't yet so it's shoveling to keep us going in and out. The boys have done really well about doing it without even being asked at times, although I did hear Camden ask why the GIRLS couldn't shovel "for a change."  

I will apologize to your future wife right here and now CAMDEN. (I'm sorry future wife of Camden- I TRIED!!)

We are SIX, count them SIX days in to a "break" thanks to the every-other-day- snowfalls.  3 planned days off school and BOOM-- 3 added snow days. So what do the kids do to entertain themselves with all this time??

Fight. Well, yeah, some.  They do. Gotta be honest. Usually Camden and Kat.  Then next thing you know they are playing a card game.  

I did get a chuckle when I overheard Kat telling Camden this--- "Just because you came out of mom's belly does NOT mean you get to tell me what to do."  Well then, just to clarify there.  Makes no difference where you came from 'round here.

Kat *might* be the smallest here but let me assure you she knows how to hold her own ground when it comes to all these bigger sibs:)

No serious fighting going on, it's not allowed anyway......

Nor is something else--- not  listening.  A certain someone named Phoebe who has actually has become even a bit defiant in asking "Why" does she have to do this or that when we tell her.  When she knows why already and we also get lame excuses as to why she is not following the rules.

It's pretty simple here. Everyone follows the rules. No one is allowed to NOT follow the rules. And choosing differently will give you lost privileges FOR SURE.  She's lost TV viewing. She's lost her Nintendo DS. She's sat in time out. 
Making choices. Being encouraged to start making the right choices.

It seems somewhat NEW and hard for Phoebe, she was used to everyone doing things for her, as well with her low vision she very easily "zones out"-- meaning she doesn't bother to follow along on what is going on then has to be redirected often and we are trying to work with her to get her to stop that. She's very bright and just has to get used to paying attention and following along, something she needs for school/ life skills.

A typical "bump" in her adjustment, she's been home a year and her bonding has gone wonderfully, so we work on issues just as we would any child of ours who is showing a deficit in the "listening" department:) 

What other things are we up to today? Hair cuts. 5 of them, although 2 were just trims. 

Camden thought it was soooo cool all the different colors of hair that ended up in my pile when I was all done. He and Kat decided we should have a "family flag" of all the hair colors. Ha ha kids. I'll get to that weaving task just as soon as I have time:)

One thing I have noticed recently-- I spent YEARS, I kid you NOT, YEARS trying to comb Camden's hair over to the side. YEARS people. 

And as soon as he could reach his little arm to his head he pushed his hair straight down:( Much to this mother's annoyance.

Now, enter teen years. GIRLS becoming interesting. Hair GEL has been needed. Because the hair MUST go to the side. With a little flip even, that looks all that much better in my opinion.

I should have known. Wait him out. Girls would make it happen.  Not MOM.

Oh my adorable boy. I'm soooo not ready for all this growing up you are doing. 

Well, the kids have hit the kitchen calling for lunch, have I mentioned they eat more often than newborns? It's sandwiches, noodles, oatmeal, toast and who knows what else they will come up with for lunch today?  Thank goodness we've had breaks in the snowfalls enough to get out and keep them well supplied with FOOD.

 Who knows what would happen if we couldn't. The doggies might be in BIG TROUBLE:(  

We did make it out to the presentation for Paisley's Student of the Month award. Only thing was, the certificate was for PAIGE. Last name spelled wrong too?  Goodness. The kids laughed and told Mal her certificate was here, she should come get it- ha ha. Her middle name happens to be PAIGE.

We've been assured she will receive a corrected one-- if they ever get to go BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Let's hope they make it out tomorrow. The younger girls still have a Valentine Party to make up:)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So you might wonder how we keep track of 7 kids needing dental care every 6 months. Like our mega family, we do MEGA appointments. As in whole blocks of time set up for up to 5 at once to go to the dentist for regular care.

Then if anyone has an issue, like a cavity, we go back to get that fixed at a later time individually or 2 at a time. 

Thankfully we have been blessed with children with fairly good teeth, once we got their initial care going. Phoebe's were the worst and even hers are resolving per her dentist today. 

Yep, 6 kids seen and cleaned teeth today. 2 different offices, 100 miles of travel and they are done for 6 more months unless anyone has a problem. PHEWWWW.

Although the first batch of kids did well considering it's a tiny office, it's a LONGGGGG wait (2 1/2 hrs) and, goodness, you won't believe this--- no internet service. 

 They only complained that they were going to starve if they missed lunch (you would think they are NEVER fed if you had heard them) but I managed to get them all dropped off at their schools before the last school lunch service was done. All but Phoebe, whom I picked up as I was dropping off Kat.

And she didn't miss lunch either because out she came with her WHOLE lunch on a tray? I guess they pulled her from the lunch line and didn't want her to go without so they sent her with her meal, tray and all:)  She ate on the way--- so everyone was FED. No one starving here. 

Phoebe goes to a pediatric specialist because her teeth were such a mess. Had to have numerous rotted teeth pulled, spacers in, cavities filled. But today, she got a good report. No new cavities. And many more baby teeth loose and soon to come out. The last spacer is out. 

She lost a baby tooth during the cleaning so the tooth fairy will need to visit tonight:)

Matter of fact--- NO ONE had any new cavities. No one.  Shocking, I know. My pocket book was happy, since our dental insurance is terrible and we pay out of pocket for most all of the kids dental care.

A few noted things--- Chloe has no cavities but has terrible gums. Just terrible. I would guess that's probably from her injured teeth not being treated for YEARS:( Sadly there's nothing that can be done about that now.

Camden's teeth are crooked, as in, he's gonna need braces, crooked:(  This was no surprise to us, his front teeth have been crooked from the time they came in. We are only waiting for all his molars to be in that need to be so the braces aren't done in vain.

Kat-- now, here's a weird one. Dentist had NEVER seen anything like this....... 

She has a piece of gum tissue growing down OVER one of her baby teeth?  He showed me, I hadn't looked at her teeth so I didn't know.  It doesn't hurt her, it's not a problem YET.  Mr. Nice Dentist man said if it bothers her it can be removed, but if it doesn't then we just let it alone. Very weird though?

Other goings on, Paisley has gotten Student of the Month at school. WHOO HOOO!  She's been doing so well with her reading, writing, really working hard and even ASKED if she could stay after for Homework Help (We have required Chance and Chase to stay for HH) to have all the help she can get with her work.

Lots more snow, more coming tomorrow night from what we hear.  Poor hubs. He's so tired of snow. I personally would rather have this that the blazing heat of summer.

Our kids must think it's summer, we've had to tell the boys to wear their winter coats more than once. 

I guess they think they are TOO COOL to wear coats, we have informed them that no girls are looking at them and thinking they are super cool being coat-less. More likely they think they are GOOFY for not having a coat on in minus degree weather.

That's about all for our week, keepin' warm and ready for the next bout of snow shoveling.  Big pot of chili for supper--- doesn't that just make you think "WARM" even if it is super cold:)

Some hot tea or cocoa and we are managing the freezing winter just fine-- how about all of you? Keeping warm? Bundled up and in? 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So what are we up to 'round here?

 Lots of snow,  that's for sure. Got a lovely 5 inches here yesterday and school was cancelled yet AGAIN.  

And, joy of all joys, more predicted for tomorrow, A LOT MORE.  

Like 8 inches more? Wanna lay odds on our chances of school tomorrow?  At this rate the kids will be "making up" snow days till July. 

Just  typical craziness of my life with this crew. Seriously.

C-R-A-Z-Y  I tell ya. So crazy in fact, that someone (not naming names here) had the totally insane idea when driving down the road next to our home that the beauty of the most recent snow fall would make an excellent background for a picture!!   

This would be when "someone" ventured out to restock the pantry so certain children wouldn't be gnawing on the woodwork-- they sure can eat A LOT.  

So when certain children arrived home from school this crazy person said "Get your blue shirts on and jeans and let's GO."

Some children *may* have commented that "This was nuts" and why were we grabbing bar stools and heading off without coats?

Just keepin' them guessing, ya know?  

 Now before you decide to call the local child service place and report me, these kids were all laughing and had a blast doing this.

So there. And it was FUN. 

They won't soon forget the time their mother, oops I mean----"some crazy person" said "Get your blue stuff on, grab a bar stool and let's go!"

So enjoy the craziness of my world, snow and all:)  Sometimes it's just too much fun to not be "a little bit crazy."