Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Retreat

I think I'm in kid withdrawal. Either that or I hit my head.

Because yesterday I shipped off the 5 teens to a weekend of fun in a lodge with their youth group. See how happy (and cold) they were?

Now we have just 2 kids, Kat and Phoebe at home. And it feels, WEIRD. Wrong. Odd. 

After we dropped off the 5 teens, some of whom refused the "HEY, where's my hug before you go?" offer (Chase) --- me and the girls went grocery shopping. WHAT FUN. (NOT)

The girls bickered the whole way through the store. About, well, pretty much everything:( I think they are sick of each other. Which is only going to be worse now that there's no-one-else-home to buffer the 5 MILLION questions from Phoebe from the time she wakes up till she goes to bed.

SERIOUSLY. The girl has to go to bed before everyone else  so she will be already asleep  (hopefully, doesn't always work)and not keep people up. Great for her learning, not so great when you are tired of sister's questions about everything. Kat did say today she "misses" the girls. Not the boys, mind you, just Chloe and Paisley.

So anyway-- After the girls bickered through the store, and I STILL bought them take out supper (of course I did, I can't cook for just 2 kids, now can I?) I  did realize I didn't need to buy 4 family sized cans of soup to make lunch today-- not for just 2 kids anyway.

I can't really wrap my brain around cooking for 4, verses cooking for 9-10.  It's not so simple after all these years. So for supper the girls got chicken sandwiches and ate totally unhealthy. (Don't bother to call MOM)

I DID think later--- after all that bickering happened, maybe, just maybe I sent the wrong kids off? It flitted through my mind that the girls do indeed have a grandma and they have not spent the night anywhere without one of us with them (EVER) and they have Outdoor  School next year to prepare for.

Can you see where I'm going here? Yep, I thought it, indeed I did. It didn't happen though.  Somehow I am thinking I should have been better prepared. As in, packed them ALL up and delivered the 2 girls to grandma's house right after the teens got dumped dropped off.

I'm not sure hubs and I would know how to act being childless though, I've heard rumors that we are pretty goofy when seen sans children, which doesn't occur very often at all. It's probably better that we aren't without them. We behave ourselves:)

So for now we are down 5, still at 2 and tolerating enjoying them in all their glory. Feeling the love, feelin' it:) 'Cause we do love 'em, ornery and all. 

Did I mention they go back to school Monday? If not then let me tell ya, they do. Now, before you go thinking that's something I am looking forward to, I will say they will be missed. For all of 5 minutes  Of course they will.

I'm already missing our teens. Till tomorrow, when they barrel in with their tons of wet clothes and all need their stuff washed ASAP. Then I'll know my "normal" is back.

Speaking of normal-- did you know there's a town in Illinois named NORMAL?  I think we gotta move. So we can say we are NORMAL folk.

 We learned this interesting fact when we starting listening to a station from there, it's ALL Christmas carols. Yep, I gave up the Christmas tree, but I refuse to give up the Christmas carols. I just LOVE them.

I told hubby I will reconsider giving them up maybe around the end of Jan. For now, we are keeping them playing-- I like that there's not ONE nasty lyric, not ONE really BAD Christmas song.  

So that's us, moving right along in to our new year, just being "normal"-- or at least OUR normal:)


Maria said...

Heh, heh......been to Normal, IL...not too far from us.....I'm not sure it's all that "normal" town in a corn field. Lots of snow too! School cancelled for us tomorrow...too cold.....more "enjoyment" for me!

mom2three said...

We live an hour from Normal, IL. It is a twin city with Bloomington. The saying around our house is that the closest to normal we're going to get is a town over by Bloomington. And it is cold and snowy here. The kids had two weeks winter break and now two snow days this week.