Thursday, January 23, 2014


Remember back in November on Orphan Sunday when I asked for many prayers and help to get a precious brother left behind HOME?

All of you were sooooo wonderful as you responded to God's call and got the family wanting to adopt this SONshine fully funded within DAYS of leaving.

Sometimes we give and we don't always get to know what happened in a special situation such a Joseph's.  

BUT---- this is NOT the case, no, you ALL get to share the JOY today, the amazing sight of this child, once called an orphan, now a chosen  SON- with his SISTER and look at those SMILES!!

Can't beat the love shining out of those 2 faces:)

To see the family all together and/or leave them a comment of congratulations go here---

Adoption is often a LONG, hard road. But, oh, are these precious children so very, very worth it ALL:) 

Welcome HOME Joseph!

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mom2three said...

Love seeing the differences on their faces between the two pictures. Such happy smiles in the 2nd one. Thanks for the update. I had been wondering whether/when they made it home.