Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Wheels

Not for me, for Paisley.

Yep, the long awaited "push chair" is here. I can't say it was delivered because the medical supply company that took our insurance said our home was "outside their service area" so I agreed to pick up the chair at school. 

Now basically it's a larger stroller. It's not meant for her to push herself, it's for us to push her around when a lot of walking is involved, such as a park, the mall, etc.

For any of you with special kiddos who are wondering, here's the skinny---

It's a Convaid EZ14 EZ Rider 900301

Ours came with these accessories (which  are "extras" that I didn't pick)--

 Headrest  extension (although Paisley doesn't really need that, I think it was probably required due to her height)
Anti tippers (so she can't be tipped backwards too far)

It can be ordered with a 5 point restraint if your child has trouble with upper body weakness, Paisley's only has the lap belt. 

It's 18 lbs and collapsible like a stroller. It's new, so it's kinda stiff to fold so far, but it folds pretty small. 

Paisley is 4 ft 6 and 63 lbs, this works for up to 100 lbs, and I believe 4 ft 9.  As she is all the bigger she's gonna get we didn't have to worry about "outgrowing" it. We picked the color, it's teal.

If your child needs something like this your first step is to get their doctor to approve it's needed.  Then they send the prescription to a medical supply company (you can call ones in your area to see if they take your insurance) and have the prescription sent there.  

The medical supply company should then measure your child to make sure the right size chair is being ordered. 

You, the parent can research chairs, what type suits your needs, which is what I did.
And I picked this one for the weight (18 lbs), the ease to take it with us, (folds up easy)  and the size of the wheels(ease of movement).

We ended up with an extra step or 2, first we had to have a Physical Therapy consult which just meant we took her to a local PT place and had them say "Yes, she needs this." For the insurance.

Then we started with one medical supply company only to learn they did not take our insurance. And the company they sent us to that did take our insurance wouldn't come to our home. Thus the arrangement to get the chair at her school. Because we needed the chair and have been trying to get it since JUNE.

It's wildly expensive, kinda awful how much it was for all the more there is to it, but probably why we had the steps we did to prove she did, indeed, need it. And she does. It will get used, that's for sure. 

It didn't surprise me that it took so long to get it, honestly, because we went through this with our special guy, Tristan. We were trying to get an appropriate car seat and bathing chair when he passed away. It was deeply frustrating to care for a child with needs and not be able to get the equipment for them in any timely fashion.

 And obviously that has not changed:(

I'm very thankful we were able to get it, that we now have it, it just makes me sad that parents who have enough to do with caring for a special child has to push and wait and wait and wait to get something to help with that child's daily life. 

But today our lives are made easier and Paisley's happy she's got wheels and will be able to "keep up."  And we can look forward to summer and planning a few things without the worry of how she will be able to go:)


lalalorlor said...

I'm so glad you got Paisley's new wheels. I wonder why special needs equipment is always so expensive... its like the companies think 'its a captive audience - lets make it as expensive as we can because where else can the people go?'. We deal with this in hearing aids and low vision equipment at our house.

Karen said...

Do the feet rests rise to a horizontal position? Is there alot of clearance for the person pushing from behind? With some of the smaller standard wheelchairs, you end up tripping on the rear wheels when you push them. This chair is definitely something our Lydia could benefit from. She is so tiny that whenever we go for long excursions, I take a fold up stroller. But she's getting a little big for it. Is Paisley's chair only for indoor use, or would it work on different surfaces outside as well?

Vickie said...

Karen, looking at our chair the feet rests do not rise to horizontal positioning but I can tell you it appears to me as if another foot rest type WOULD be able to be attached (this would be a different attachment) that allowed that. We didn't need that so ours do not. The clearance is very good, no tripping on the wheels for the person pushing and the wheels in back are larger so it's easy to tip her (even with the anti tippers)high enough to allow the bigger wheels to take over and get us over any rough surface we would be on. It's for outdoor and indoor use.We picked it for the exact purpose of transporting mainly outside on rough surfaces and only have it indoors now due to the snow and ice we have.

Karen said...

I just have to tell ya...I googled Convaid EZ14 EZ Rider 900301 and opened imagines to see what they show for foot rest options...and there you were! and Paisley and Chloe and Chance and Phoebe!

Elizabeth said...

We borrowed a Convaid to take to China with us, and it works great outside on pavement. We would have been lost without it in China. Only complaint would be that 18 lbs gets heavy when you have to haul it up or downstairs/escalators very much! :)