Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Keepin' warm

It's just downright freezing. I'm so thankful we have heat! -6 degrees this morning.

Although it may have been colder than that, probably was because there were no early risers here besides Dad. 

Here's one guy who doesn't mind the cold, he came up dressed for the day in SHORTS. Crazy Sonshine.

As of yesterday at 4 pm, they cancelled school for today. And since none of us really have gotten back to the "early to bed, early to rise" theme that school brings, it was late to bed and late to rise this morning.

I don't think the doggies minded, they had to be coaxed to go out at all. Brrrrr. They didn't like it. 

What are the kids doing with this free day? 

So far some game playing, lots of rubber band making stuff-- they have gone from making simple bracelets to headbands, earrings, dog collars and leashes, necklaces, you name it they are making it.....

I *could* say that the rubber bands everywhere drive me nuts. But I won't. You know why? Because they won't last forever.

 No they won't. My girls won't be little and want to make these crafty items forever. And a colored rubber band or 2 on the floor brings the thoughts of all these neat items they are making within seconds. Memories. 

Someday, God willing, they will be what is left of our time parenting.

 That and (hopefully)  time with some grandchildren will bring back the memories of the a day off of school bringing us nifty craft items. And we will miss days like this. 

So I chose to savor this day off, the kiddos haven't picked one bit on each other. 

The kids were hoping the big pot of chili I started was for lunch but it was supper so they had noodles for lunch. Some haven't changed out of jammies yet, and I don't care about that either. Why not stay snug in jammies all day?  

Now lest you think I missed the kids so much my view was off I'll include the pics of Camden and Kat when they both decided a 50 cent bouncy ball was "theirs" and they were arguing with each other all the various points they could come up with that would "prove" ownership.  

Can always count on those 2 if I ever have a dream of having perfect children. (Ha ha) They will destroy any and all thoughts of perfection happenin' here. And that's okay, really it is. Because we aren't perfect, we are just us. Imperfect. Annoying each other. Love. Tolerance. Sometimes ornery. 

Seriously, it's OKAY. Because it's all good. Our children are warm tonight. They are fed. They have clean clothes.

 Nobody has rotted teeth. No one is doing without medical care. It's never wrong to be thankful for what we have. Life, is never guaranteed. So we are thankful for what we have today and enjoying the children we have been blessed with.

Had to reschedule 2 appointments we had today, recheck on Phoebe's eyes and check up on Paisley's arthritis. 

Both are stable right now so that was a good thing, a delay in these appointments aren't a huge deal.  No one wanted to be "out and about" in this cold for any reason except an emergency. And none happening here.

So in we stayed. We already have a 2 hr delay for tomorrow, so I guess we get yet another day to be lazy. Wow. We may never get back on track at this rate?  

Hope you all are keeping warm, anyone lower than us at -6 degrees??


Barb P. said...

Yes...we had -26 actual temp with windchill of 50 below in west st. Paul,MN. Missed 2 days of school...nearly unheard of! But to warm up to 30 by Friday!!!
Stay safe.

Maria said...

We were -15 the other day with windchills around -35. We stayed in too. The girls have gotten 2 extra days off. They go back today....which is good because they are bickering way too much! They need some space!

rachel garber said...

I just saw Chloe's gotcha date on the side bar and wow! Are you guys really hitting five years? Have I really been following your family's adventures that long?

As for weather - out here in the west we've been a little warmer but in early December we had your weather for a full week and it was miserable! So I'll take the low teens as I drive to work . . .