Sunday, January 26, 2014

And more GOOD NEWS

Remember HOLDEN?? 

Well guess what?  He's getting a FAMILY.  He's going to be a SON. 

Orphan no longer, he is CHOSEN.

Praise God, He loves these children and is OVERJOYED a wonderful family has come forward to claim this teen treasure. 

They are also adopting another very special son-- adding them both to their family.

Please be in prayer for speedy paperwork, the boys' adjustments, and for funding, there's financial need to complete this journey.

If you want to help with that---please consider how much your donation is going to matter-- you are helping change LIVES with your donation.  Can't spend any money better than to invest in a child:)  

Click here---Fundraiser for Holden and John 's family 

Praising God and His goodness as we get to see (and be a part of) FAMILIES being made:)

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