Monday, January 13, 2014

1 Year

Gotcha Days are BIG DEALS around here. And yes, we celebrate 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 years this year with our six treasures from China!!

For our newest girl it's her very first one- Yes it is (MOM)  and because it's tomorrow in China--that makes it Happy Gotcha Day to Miss Phoebe.


Her take on life after the adoption is this--- 

Favorite thing about being adopted--Learn about Jesus and God

Miss the most- Foster mom (Grandma)

  Favorite food there--green beans, rice

And here-- hot dog, no roll or ketchup and corn dogs

School in China-- couldn't keep up and didn't get help and kids were rude

School here-- friends nice to her, has teachers to help her and equipment to help her see better

Favorite game-- Pretending to be super heros

What is best about adoption-- Having you come for me (Chloe and me)

Did you know you were being adopted (or what that meant)-- this question resulted in a very long story that boiled down to "NO" she was clueless. 

And even though we had sent pictures and they showed her the album before and said we were her "family" she didn't really know what that meant at all. 

 She was told she was being adopted to "help her eyes" by foster mom the day before she left the foster home then spent 9 days at the orphanage till we came. During that time the other children told her we were going to cut her eyes out:( 

Can I just say how thankful I am to have taken Chloe to adopt this precious one?  Because I really think she needed a big sister who could speak to her in Chinese and explain many things with no language barrier.

Speaking of language barrier-- there's none of that here. Nope. Phoebe is very bright and most of the time she understands when we ask her something-- sometimes we have to break it down to simpler terms but she's very smart. No doubt about that.

She's very verbal, matter of fact if she's awake she's talking and most likely asking a question (or two or three) about something. She's gotten in trouble for her non stop talking in school.

Other things the last year have brought--

She's gained 4 lbs, and 2 inches. She's  taller than big sisters Kat and Paisley.   She hasn't gained a whole lot but then she was not under nourished like her older siblings were. 

She's skinny as a bean pole, has to have 10 jeans for length but the buttons in the waist to make them fit. 10/12 shirts.

 But her feet and hands are much smaller than Kat, something she told me today she "Just don't understand why God made her this way." In regards to her hands and feet:)  

One thing she has come to accept-- being loved. If ever a child was in need of parents, siblings, and acceptance this child has blossomed in a way it's hard to even describe, to have seen her put down her hair, her coloring constantly to learning people here LOVE her hair color, her eyes, and we are colored the same as her. And we love her as she is.

I rarely ever hear that she wants black hair, or black eyes. She knows of God and is now aware He made her the coloring she is because He meant to. That she is quite special.

For today, she will receive some gifts, we will give her a card thanking her for becoming our daughter.

 Our kiddos LOVE Gotcha days, it's so special to them that we celebrate the day we met them:)

What does she think of this day finally coming?  Oh,  she is sooo excited! She gets GIFTS. Yep, that's what she's excited about. There's still some residual jealousy hangin' around, that she doesn't "HAVE" as much as the others, mainly KAT.

So this gives her another "thing" Kat has had, a GOTCHA DAY:)

Happy Gotcha Day Phoebe!! We couldn't love you more!


K said...

I cannot believe it's been a year already! I suppose it's true because you were heading to China when I was starting to house-hunt. Phoebe is beautiful! I love her in red!

Happy Family Day!

mom2three said...

Isn't amazing how much faster the year after they are home goes than the year before while you were still waiting for them. Happy Gotcha Day, Phoebe. God has big plans for you.