Monday, December 30, 2013

Year's End

As our year 2013 comes to an end, I feel an overwhelming need to share something so close to my heart--


The "secret" perks. Things you never realizes would change in your life when you adopted a child. It almost seems wrong to NOT tell about this.

So here goes-----

The 10 things that have changed in our lives since we began adopting older children------

1. We've come to learn what is really IMPORTANT IN LIFE. 

God. People. Love. So many people are out there looking for "something to fulfill them." We HAVE IT. Right here, in our daily life, There's not ONE THING we can think of that we could want, need, or buy that is better than opening our lives and home to  adopt our kiddos. The love we share with them, there's no material thing that is better than this. Our children are PRICELESS. 

2. We've learned to SLOW DOWN and ENJOY LIFE.

I can't tell you how many things I have noticed and been able to enjoy and take time for things having adopted Paisley and her gait is slowwwww. I'm so thankful she has "slowed me down." I really needed it.  She got us ready to help Phoebe when she arrived as well. and there's a special bond with those 2 girls, they understand, accept and help each other. It's sweet to see:)

3. We've learned to have PATIENCE in GOD'S TIMING. 

Kat's adoption-- 7 months. Phoebe's-- just short of 2 YEARS. Not sure I would have wanted to do it again (and again, and, well, AGAIN and again) if it had been reversed. But we "knew the ropes" and were able to hang in there to get our last treasure home and know that she would be soooo worth the wait.


Laughing with our children as they learn, as they figure things out, as they amuse us on a daily basis. I mean, what else are you gonna do when Chloe asks to use the "raccoon" and means the vacuum, or wants to get something from the "fridge- raider" instead of the "refrigerator." Or the "garlic" aka "attic?"  It's just funny. 

5. We've been given GRACE.

Grace to see a world that we never knew existed just 8 short years ago.   We WERE CLUELESS to the needs--- and yet here we are now-- able to be a voice for those children still there, as orphans. To advocate, to educate, to donate, to make a difference for 6 precious treasures no longer orphans, now our sons and daughters.

6. We've been given JOY.

Joy to watch a child come from not enough food, heat, clothes, teeth rotted and aching, a child who doesn't cry because they have learned no one cares to respond---- to children who BLOOM. Fill out. Teeth fixed, no longer hurt. Enough food every day, clean clothes daily and children who have learned they DO have someone who cares about them and they KNOW it. As well their joy in the smallest things, they share that with us:)

7. We've been given ABUNDANCE.

It's been amazing to watch God provide over and over to get these treasures home but also when a need arises, as it often does, He has provided for our needs. It's a HARD thing to give up, the "control of finances" for our big family-- just looking at Christmas costs  for 7 children at home and 5 adult children is DAUNTING. But each time God has provided enough. Always does. ENOUGH. 

8. We've been given PASSION.

About what really matters. Children going hungry. Children not having parents. Children who are dying without knowing LOVE. Families who are struggling with children adopted and having issues. We are passionate about these children and families and we do all we can to help. 

9.We've been given extra FAMILY.

God has given us these "extra children" to our family to not only add to the numbers of our "mega" family, but also given us the gift of the bond of the  adoption community-- people we now consider "family" that were only brought to us via adoption ties:) 

10. We've been given LOVE.

There's no lack of it here. We've been given 6 children we never expected to parent and been blessed with tons of love. We couldn't love them more. They are no different to us than the ones born from us. It just doesn't matter. Love in abundance. You can never have TOO MANY people to love or that loves YOU.

Our children were labeled--


Our children are now--

Forever ours
Amazing people
Meant to be
Identified as ours
Loved beyond measure
Youthful, able to be carefree

All of our adopted children were labeled Special NEEDS.

Yet, without a doubt we have learned they are indeed VERY SPECIAL, BUT--- the NEEDS?  Well, the needs were OURS, we needed them! 

Do you have a need? Let God fill you up, just ask, and He will show you the way. And if it's a call to adopt, here's an orphan, who wants to be a SON-----

Any questions about his needs email me. He doesn't have much time- he ages out in JUNE 2014. So the whirlwind of adoption will be yours if you take this on, but it CAN be done. 

I can connect you with a family who has met this boy twice and knows his desire to be adopted. He is a gentle, caring child.

If you will, please join me in prayer for this precious boy's family to be found. For him to become CHOSEN. For him to no longer be labeled an orphan, but labeled FAMILY.

2013. Our year of 2 more adoptions. Phoebe-- Jan 2013. Paisley-- (finalized) July 2013.  Such a blessed year we have seen.

I'm hoping and praying we see 2014 bring this boy (and many others) HOME.


kimjax said...

Wonderful post. Have to share. :)

julie said...

Oh, Vickie!! You have put into words my feelings exactly!! We have only adopted once...planning on doing it again! Our daughter was 9 when she came home, we have seen her blossom beyond belief!! Could I please share your post?


Vickie said...

Share away:)

Linette said...

Thank you for advocating for this young man. He's one of THREE teen boys with albinism who are aging out this summer--it's been just two and a half years since we adopted our son with albinism the week before his 14th birthday, and I can't imagine not having done it, for us or for him. I'm praying for all three of them to find their families!

66BookMom said...

Thank you Vickie! I love the perks you listed and appreciate your heart. To your readers, we are one of the families who have met him, and we welcome any personal communication regarding Holden.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Trying again, to fix my typos!

Thanks for sharing this! We are working on adoption #4, child #6. Never thought this is how our family would be, but we are loving it! Kids love each other dearly but also know how to push each others' buttons!! Thank you for advocating for Holden. We have 3 kids w Albinism...really hoping he finds his family! He reminds us of our boys (who are younger) as well as a couple of friends!

January 14, 2014 at 12:28 AM

Jamie V said...

I'm happy to say that I'm adopting one of those 3 boys with albinism about to age out. They have all found families!!