Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Fun

It's Saturday and it's SNOWING!!!

The girls and boys were so excited to see the white fluffy stuff coming down. It started this morning and at 5 inches and still going strong (8 called for) the joy can not be contained.

Snow man building, sledding, ice breaking (that's left over from the last storm) snow angel making, 4 wheeling, all KINDS of FUN to be had. Everyone is home and safe so no worries about travel------ the perfect time for it to snow, snow, snow.

Enjoy the pics of the kids having a BLAST. Nothing more fun than a HUGE SNOW.

 God's beauty abounds:)

Dark now and still coming down!!!


Savi said...

Last week we had a giant ice-over down here in Dallas. Half the area had their power go out and everything shut down for a while. My entire campus turned into a lumpy, hilly skating rink (someone even had ice skates!). It was pretty neat - especially when that's our version of "snow" that we're going to get.

Stay warm and safe! :)

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

What's that white stuff? Cocoa Beach, Florida, here. It is sand? Hmmm. LOL Enjoy!1