Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Visit

Don't think that our simplified Christmas season didn't make time for a Santa visit--- Miss Phoebe HAD to see Santa.

So she put on her pretty dress and had her requests all ready. Her excitement could not be contained.

Kat went along for the ride:)  Such a good sport, this big (but smaller in size) sister is to Phoebe. Even with the typical sister squabbles, they could not be better matched as sisters of their hearts.

So we got in line. I gasp at the obscene prices for "Pictures with Santa." A set- up much different than last year:( Because when we got to the entrance they had a sign stating "NO personal cameras or cellphones."  So I thought, well, okay, I'll PAY the obscene price, as they KNEW people would.

But when we got further in line where they asked if we were "just visiting" or "getting pictures" and I asked---- "Can you do a photo with no flash?" And the "helper" said "No." So I asked could I be allowed to use my personal camera because Phoebe can't tolerate light flashes (all my pics of her are flashless) and she said "Yes." 

And she walked up to the other "helpers" and told them. I saw her do it.

So we get up there and the woman asked me "Getting pics?" And I told we were the ones who needed to use my personal camera because they couldn't do a picture without a flash.

And she said "No, you can't do that. You will have to go behind the barriers."  And she meant behind the photographers, behind other people in line, way out of reach of my girls even.


So I told her "No, the other girl already told me I could do pictures HERE and I'm not leaving my girls."  

And she again said "No." So I told her "My daughter can not help that she has a disability. YOU can not take a picture for me to buy so I should be allowed to get my own non- flash pictures HERE."

I do believe my voice even ROSE as I said this.  (I do have some red hair, remember) And she clearly saw I was.not.going.to.back.down.

I wasn't.

And so I got my pictures...........

Moral to this story-- never mess with Mother Bear. Never.  

Wouldn't you think visiting Santa would totally be disability FRIENDLY. Honestly. I thought this was a no brainer?

Anyway, here's Phoebe's first Christmas-- 2013 visit with Santa. 

Now what did she ask for?

A chihuahua! (good grief) 

 Guess we'll see soon enough what Santa thought of that idea?

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rachel garber said...

Love the pictures, annoyed that everything has to be so stinkin' hard anymore - all due to the mighty dollar. I'm so excited for Phoebe's first Christmas at home! Hope it's a merry one!