Sunday, December 8, 2013

Football Banquet

Last night was Camden's football banquet. He was honored as one of the "12 year old" senior players, even though he is now 13. 

It's his last and only year of Pee Wee football. Yep, he was just dying to play and he really had a blast this past year. 

Next step is junior high football and he insists he is going to play--- as far as he is concerned he's going PRO.

Coach said he was like a "breath of fresh air" which cracked us up. He has become passionate about football--he drove us nuts during the season with wanting to be at practice an hour before he HAD to be there. 

As in "Mom, I' m ready." Repeat 10 times. Then go get in car with all equipment and blow horn till mom yells at you to "Knock it off." PASSIONATE.

Coach and Camden
He played "tight end" --now, this didn't mean much to his "sport naive" mother. Except that I got to see him catch some balls and make some touch downs. 

 Yes, I knew what those were. And he did make quite a few. He liked to run and catch those passes, which is something the kids are just starting to get better at during this stage/age range in football play. 

And we are proud to say he's really good at what he likes to do. Catching those balls and taking off. I remember one play he caught a pass and took off, he looked back as one guy was right on his heels, the boy even caught Camden's sock but it didn't stop Cam. He made the touchdown. I was the one yelling "Don't look back, just RUN." 

He was happy to get a jacket, shirts, and a DVD of the games.  

Vision teacher and Phoebe
His team didn't do so well in points, but the coach said that didn't matter, it was the learning, the team work, the effort these kids put in. I was glad he said that- because it's true. The games were played by 9- 12 year olds and the team only had 4 kiddos that were 12. Most of the other teams had 10 or more. And there's a big difference in sizes there. But these boys played their best and worked together as a team to make it a great season--- no matter the scores.

In other things--- Friday Phoebe did a presentation to her class on her vision. With her Vision Instructor. (VI) She just loves her VI. They made a smart board presentation about Phoebe and her devices she uses to help her see better. 

At the end it was neat because she was able to answer questions and give everyone in her class the ability to understand how well she can see. She compensates so well no one realizes she can't see some things.

So she demonstrated the devices and explained why she uses the things she does. How it helps her.

She was quite funny too- I soooo wish I had video taped her for all of you to see. Someone mentioned about how long she has been here.  And she said "I don't know-- ask my mom, she's right there." (pointing at me) Then she continued on, "I just know I not have any Christmas yet because I not here yet and I miss it but now I gonna have Christmas first time because I here NOW!"

Yes, she just goes on and on all the while making everyone smile at her, well, her enthusiasm for life. Because, really, that's what it is. She lives life happy about everything, enjoying the smallest things.

Bloomed. That's all I can think of when I see her, how she has gone from a timid, scared little girl-- to a confident, happy, blossom. If ever a child was meant to be adopted to thrive, it was HER. 

She follows the other 5 treasures we have, that have thrived as well. A joy to see them grow. To see them relax and BE KIDS-- just be kids. Because they have parents that love them and have their backs. Able to let go of all those worries about the label of ORPHAN because they hold it NO LONGER.

Daughter. Son. Such simple words. But oh, soooo special. So very special. And yes, even SON by birth, we love all of our kiddos no matter how God sent them to us. 

You would think at times it *could* be rough with a bio kid right smack dab in the middle of our family. But it works for us. Just today Camden and Chloe were talking and she was trying to pronounce the name on a tag, he asked her "How long you been here?" And he added (cause he's a brother) "You should know how to say that by now." Her comeback?

"How long you been here, you didn't get it right either. So there." And they cracked up laughing. Yeah, she doesn't take any of his snot, she gives it right back. Brother and sister. Doesn't matter that he's a redhead and she's Chinese. It's typical behavior of SIBLINGS. 

I had listened to them and then said  "Oh, I feel the love, I feel IT." As I often do when they get to snipping at each other, as they will do. They know what it means too.  (Knock it off) All but Phoebe-- she said "Oh, that's good, 'cause you are loved MOM. I love you. I think dad love you too, at least he kiss you yesterday and that mean he love you."

I did feel the love from a certain someone--- Paisley. Phoebe, as usual was talking and saying something about "Someone taking me somewhere." and I said  (jokingly)" No one would take me, who would want me?"  And who pipes up first but our PAISLEY-- she said "ME."  Warmed my heart completely:)

She, as well has bloomed. Doing so well. Even with the cold her aches are at a minimum and she's been feeling much better. 

We are all snuggled in and keeping warm-- watching the snow fall and feeling very, very blessed, indeed:)


Jennie said...

Paisley looks beautiful with her curly hair. From her peaceful smile, she knows she is loved and accepted in your family. Merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

I love this! What a blessing!!!

Dottie P said...

I agree with Jenna's comment about Paisley!

I think, also, that the fact that your family works so well even with a bio kid in the middle of the adopted six, can at least be partly attributed to how you raised your bio kid and that you praised him from the beginning for getting you started in adopting. He can see the value in what you are doing and feel great about it. You are truly blessed, and you are a blessing to share your life, struggles and all, with all of us!

MommaT said...

It's amazing to see how tall Phoebe is getting! Everyone looks great! Merry Christmas

MommaT said...

It's amazing to see how tall Phoebe is getting! Everyone looks great! Merry Christmas

Anil Singh said...
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