Sunday, November 3, 2013

Orphan Sunday

UPDATE #4--November 6 at 11 am. $1600 to go. It's HAPPENING:)  God is crushing the money mountain DOWN. It's sooo exciting to see this. I can hardly wait for the post that they are fully funded-- can you? 

Join in, it's not too late--- help bring this brother to his new life. Being loved. Being with his sister. Such a special journey, one you will be blessed to be a part of:)

UPDATE #3 at 7 pm November 5--- $1700 to go. Don't miss out on this miracle of adoption. 

Please consider helping this precious boy join his sister within their family-- Is God calling you? Every single dollar counts!!

 Don't wait and think it's someone else's place, nope you DO NOT want to miss this blessing!

UPDATE #2 at 1 pm today November 4---- $1800 to GO!!!! It's happening folks, God IS working through YOU!  Do you have chills yet?? Isn't it exciting to SEE how God works?

UPDATE #1 at 8am today November 4---- $3500 needed/ halfway there!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOO---- God is providing!!!

Come on- You DON'T want to miss out on helping with this--- a precious boy's life changed FOREVER!

It's Orphan Sunday!

I wanted to share a family with you--- a family JUST LIKE OURS:)

Adopted a girl, found out she had an older brother........... and are going back to adopt him too!

They need our help- us, Christians, believers of Him, His body-------

Because they need funds to get there.

We saw it happen here before--- you see the 2 sons we have that we never expected but are loved, wanted, CHOSEN  and orphans no longer.

Along with their sister.

So please--- please, please.  Time is short. $7,000 is needed in just 2 weeks.  

It's a different country than our kiddos came from but God doesn't mind so neither do I, this is an orphan who needs to become a son. His name is Joseph. He is WANTED.

Let's watch the money mountain be plowed down by our Father, let's rejoice as another child gains a family who will teach their child about HIM.

Here's the family's blog-

And here's their page to give-- please remember every dollar adds up, it all counts, so anything you can give is a blessing.

And please PRAY for this boy (Joseph) and for the parents stepping up to give him a family with his sister:)

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Sheila said...

Thank you so much for sharing our story. :)