Friday, November 8, 2013


UPDATE!!!!! I guess I should have done math sooner?

'Cause you aren't going to believe this------- $225 AWAY from fully funded.

Yep, you read that right---$225.

Now that's--

45 people giving $5
15 people giving $15
5 people giving $45

WOW!  Isn't God soooooo GOOD? He sure is! 

Ya made me do it. I didn't want to but I'm gonna--

$1300 left to go.

For a precious boy's life to change.

Here's where I didn't want to go- MATH (My math stinks, I never liked math, yuck, yucky MATH!!)

130 people giving $10.
65 people giving $20
26 people giving $50
13 people giving $100

$1300.  From $7,000!!!  

That's $5700 so far, given for this child's adoption-- whoooo hoooo. THANK YOU!!!!

And so little still needed!   Just DAYS for it to come.  Don't think that God says He will provide it early- nope, He doesn't say that.  So even when it's HARD for us to cling to faith, He is taking care of it. He's calling His people that He wants to bless--- He's calling you to give. 

Every single donation, be it $1 is a BLESSING- it's a way for you to be INVOLVED-- National Adoption Month-- and here's an adoption that needs our help.

Please first and foremost be in prayer--- Pray for Joseph, for his family, for their travels coming up in just DAYS.

And don't think I won't, for sure, post a picture of this precious guy with his new family for you all to see what you helped do:)))

I sure will.

So, go on, donate away to this wonderful adventure-- the addition of a son/brother. The link to donate is here---

And seriously--- THANK YOU!!!!! For caring! For PRAYING! For listening when God calls! 

This is God's work----- a child in need to become an orphan NO LONGER:) 

 Thank you FATHER!

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