Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goings on

It's hard to believe another week has passed by. Time just seems to fly by.  I remember Mom telling me that the older I got the faster time would go and I thought "Yeah, sure!" but here I am, wondering how we got to mid November and soon to be Christmas time.

Just flying by....the kids are growing so fast. Sigh.

Yesterday I went to school early, took the girls for their conferences. Not to worry, all 7 doing well- matter of fact, all are honor roll students:)  We are quite the proud parents!

Phoebe is doing well, her school has adjusted her work and grading for her English learning as well as her vision issues. Her teachers are amazed at how well she is picking up English and reading is going well. Her biggest issue lately is not listening, mainly being quiet (she talks from the minute she wakes till she goes to sleep!) so she got time off recess and she is actually grounded now from TV because of not listening to us.

Not that she is terribly willful, she's not, but she does have to pay attention and listen when her parents or teachers tell her. So we are expecting more of her knowing she can do it.

I also went to school last week for Thanksgiving "lunch" with the girls, I got to meet one of their new classmates and her parents who were very interested in my favorite topic, ADOPTION! 

They said they had considered adopting before. So we talked (I didn't mind that at ALL) instead of eating-I'm not really fond of school lunch but I wouldn't dream of not going to be with the girls:)

So I totally enjoyed that lunch and I hope that this family really considers going forward. You really can't go wrong unless you do NOTHING, right?

I bought all the stuff for our Thanksgiving feast. I always buy my turkey and say a quick prayer of thanks. I'll never forget Chance's first year home and how he was sooooo excited he was showing off the turkey we had in the freezer to guests who came to our home. 

He was just thrilled that we had a turkey when honestly I never really thought about how blessed I have been year after year of my life to always have a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. 

Just another reason I am so thankful for my children, they remind me of things that we often take for granted. And just for Chance (well, okay, maybe for all of us) I bought a ham to make as well, since it's his favorite, even more than turkey.  And to have enough it was either ham and turkey or 2 turkeys:)

My BFF gave me a perpetual calendar for my birthday- It's about every day inspiration.  My phrase for today?  

I'm slowly learning for me, for now, right here IS my mission. It is my calling. He is sending me and I can follow. Even without a jungle or a moving van full of boxes, He HAS called me. And I can serve Him by staying. I can follow Him right here. 

This is really ME right now. Content. Not unaware, not uncaring,(NEVER) but also NOT waiting on another child to come home, worrying are they doing okay and how soon can we get them here? 

It's been many years since I could say that and for us, for now, this is right. It feels so good-- there's focus on the ones we have, their needs, I don't feel spread too thin.... a rare thing for me. 

Just being a family, as our children needed and we are happy to have them in our family. Enjoying them each and every day. 

Also playing catch up on some things--- so many adoptions have drained us (my van is giving out) so please pray for us to have guidance as we head to needing a newer vehicle. My van has been a stable, good vehicle for years and years. I am sad to even think of replacement of it:(

That's all for this week, the kids have Christmas lists all over the place, writing them, scratching things out, adding things...... their excitement builds. We are keeping warm, we hope everyone else is too:)

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