Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A visitor

He arrived with no regard to the snow, the kids coming home early from school--- over 13 years since I last laid eyes on him---

Who was this "mystery guy?"  

Ron, MY BABY BROTHER. Yep, I get to call him that forever. 

Born on Christmas Eve. I spent a lot of my teen years "babysitting" him. I never minded because, well, he was my baby bro.

Love him. Tons. I cried when he got here. So overwhelmed with love for him.

Wayyyy too long to go between visits when I had to introduce him to SEVEN children he had yet to meet. 

All of them "new" to him. 'Cause I was pregnant with Camden when I saw him last.  Phoebe told him he looked like Jesus:)

You can't tell but he has long hair. And yes, red hair like me. And you can see the family resemblance between him, I and Camden. 

He was surprised how much Jay looks like our dad, although he "knows" him mostly through pictures only because our dad died when we were young.

He said as he was leaving "You obviously are doing something really good here."  Left me speechless. 

I'm soooo thankful to have seen him. I just hope and pray it's not 13+ years till I see him again.

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mom2three said...

How fun! Definitely can see the family resemblence. It is hard for me to imagine my kids not seeing each other very often, when I realize how long it's been since I've seen some of my siblings. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.