Saturday, November 2, 2013

A conversation


When (NOT IF) you adopt you get to be "in on" some the most funniest conversations just like this----

Kat:  "Mom, you're white right?"

Me: "Uh yeah."

Kat: "See Phoebe, mom's white like you." 

Phoebe: "Mom you white? Wheely?" (really)

Me: "Yes Phoebe, I am white."

Phoebe: "How you get white?"

Me: "Well...God made me that way."

Phoebe: "WOW, And He made ME white TOO.  What about when you get in sun?"

Me: "I turn pink."

Phoebe: "Just like ME."

Me: "Yep."

Phoebe: " Wow that God, He's SOMETHING."

Kat: "Yeah, He really IS, He's GOD."

I often wonder if God ever laughs when His children delight Him? I wonder how He couldn't with kiddos like ours:) 

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Karen said...

Phoebe is such a sweetie isn't she?!?!? But so are the rest of your kids too!