Thursday, October 10, 2013

It began here

It all began with one. Little Miss Kat. 7 years ago today we were handed this tiny girl and our lives changed forever.

For the better:)

We adopted her for selfish reasons, a little girl we wanted to add to our family. A girl in need of a family and a family with a need. 

Back in 2006 she was considered an "older child", yep, not even 3 years old and a minor "special need" of a doubled toe nail and larger last toe than her other foot. Something you can hardly see, to be honest.

Almost our whole adoption group were adopting babies, as young as possible, yet we wanted a toddler, a "buddy" for Camden who wanted a younger sister.

And she was named well--- she was "Copy" Kat for years, following his every move as only a little sister will, with love, adoration and annoyance to the poor boy.

This tiny child, who opened our eyes to a HUGE need, the plight of older Chinese orphans. I knew while in China adopting Kat that we WOULD be going back. And for another older child, even older than Kat or Camden because there was a need. 

 So many children needing and wanting a home, their own family and us a family with a home and love to give and a "spot" right between Camden and Donovan that needed filled. Oh, did He ever fill it:)

I can't possibly describe the instant love we felt for Kat. We worried, "Would we love her as much as the others?"  And yet, it happened as soon as we met her and she was placed in my arms. 

She really wasn't too keen on me at first, daddy was super cool, which was HARD, but it was only a short time till she figured out that mom cooked the food and she was hooked:)

She was and still is a dream come true, adopting her led to us opening our home to foster children here, seeing how much her foster parents loved her and cared for her opened our hearts to be foster parents. 

And of course, she started us on a journey that would bring us 3 more daughters and 2 more sons. Bountiful blessings, all from the smallest one of our family.

Small and mighty, I can only imagine how many people she will touch in her lifetime. 

We are completely honored to be her parents, we adore her. She's a wonderful daughter, little sister, big sister and all around sweetheart.

Happy Gotcha Day Miss Kat 7 years HOME.


mom2three said...

Somehow, I imagine God smiling the day she was placed in your arms as He thought about the blessings your special treasure would bring, both in and of herself, and the others that were to come as He used her to open your eyes to them. Happy Gotcha Day Miss Kat.

julie said...

Very beautifully written. I completely understand how your lives were happened to us, too! We adopted our daughter, Mia, in August 2011, she was 9 years old. I think we knew pretty quickly that we would be going back to China again. We can't wait to start the process again...just working on the financial end of it!

Monkey Tales said...

Wow 7 years! Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday and yet it feels like Caidi has always been in life. We are the luckiest Mom's around :)