Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harvest Fest

We are very blessed to have a wonderful church that gives us an option to celebrate the Fall Harvest time instead of Halloween. 

Yes, we do not support/celebrate Halloween. 

But we DO honor God's bounty of the fall/ harvest time- so many wonderful things He gives us this time of year. 

With our party the kiddos miss NONE of the fun, games, candy, dressing up---  it's all at the Harvest Fest.

They played--

Knock over the toilet paper with funny faces on it:)

Knock down the gourds bowling (Phoebe's favorite)

Ring the pumpkins

Then they decorated cupcakes and ate those. 

And the grand ending was lining up for the older kiddos to hand out candy to the younger kids.

The kids all had a blast. They went as a princess (Kat) Superman (Phoebe) Turtle (Paisley) Camden had a mask but didn't wear it. 

They all came home and had to sort through/ trade off candy favorites.

 They had lollipops, snickers, taffy, smarties, tootsie rolls, licorice, twix bars,  sweet tarts, PB cups, candy eye balls (gross), M & M's and chips. 

 Lots and lots of goodies.

Poor Phoebe is still not allowed any candy that's sticky with her spacers in her mouth, so she traded off, gave away any she could not have. She does so well with that. 

Along with all the candy,we ended up coming home with juice, pumpkins, gourds, cupcakes and icing. 

Joking that we always seem to end up with much more than we take when we go anywhere there's food-- 

----but it is true we never have it go to waste, so it's fine with me if the extras get sent home with us:)

The older boys had stayed home so they were thrilled to get some goodies. 

Chloe had her last field hockey game tonight (play off's) in which they lost so that's it for her season. 

Happy Harvest Fest to all! 

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