Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Well, since my last post I have gained another year of age, as well another year of marriage:) Yep, a birthday then  our anniversary today.  

We actually did go out alone-- I KNOW, it's shocking--- but we managed a supper out by ourselves much to the surprise to our waitress when she heard we had 12 kiddos. 

We were very thankful Jay and Malaree were willing to stand in at the annual Halloween parade so the kiddos didn't have to miss the parade because as usual, we didn't have many free evenings we could go out together.

At any rate, it's not been all celebrations here, nope, we got some really bad news this week.

Paisley has lost a dear friend. An accident took her buddy's life, a boy she grew up with in the orphanage in China. They had called each other because he was adopted soon after her and she was so happy he got a family before he aged out. 
Zeke bottom left-- Paisley back row forth from left

And now he's gone. Such a precious child that we are so thankful he was so loved and knew he belonged. 

 Please join us as we pray for peace for his family as they go on without him:(

And if you will, a prayer for Paisley- she's so sad. She spent most of the day crying on and off.  She was very close to most of the older children at her orphanage, as our other teens were at their orphanage. 

So it's like losing a distant brother. She's taken it very hard.

Rest In Peace with your Heavenly Father Zeke. You will be greatly missed. 


Chris said...

Oh wow! His name keeps popping up. I heard the sad news through the Mennonite grapevine. So sorry for Paisley.

Unknown said...

He was a wonderful guy! He will be greatly missed here. Will pray for paisley. Also the little girl second on the right now has a family because of Zeke! If Paisley would like to contact her please let me know! Blessings