Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Although it seems as if she's been with us forever, it's actually only been since January that she's been home.

So for Miss Phoebe girl, many "first" are still happening for her. If I have somehow failed to tell you all how much FUN, how JOYFUL it is to see even everyday things bring such utter delight with this "older child adoption" then I'm tellin' ya now.

It's amazing. For her and us. So many things that she takes such delight in.  Things we do every day and sometimes special  things we do for certain seasons. 

Sunday evening was one of those special times. A hayride. Through the fields, on a wagon with no sides, driven by a tractor. Phoebe doesn't really get "farming" so the tractor was a "bigger 4 wheeler" to her and the wagon was for carrying the food for the animals.  

She couldn't really see the elk, too far away and too colorless compared to the background but she was no less thrilled to enjoy the bumpy ride and look forward to her favorite food afterwards, hot dogs.

Yep, totally unhealthy and rarely served here at home, HOT DOGS. Most all of our kids do not like hot dogs. So they aren't supper at home hardly ever.  Many of the outings we have are with our church family and they often involve HOT DOGS, so she gets her favorite food then:)

Her hayride came with the usual 100+ questions, but why do we sit on this "stuff" (the hay) and why are we going in the woods, and did I know she had a new friend, Nay Nay?  A nickname for the cutie she got to play with, Phoebe didn't have many toys in China so she was fascinated with the toy food set that Nay Nay had. 

Nay Nay is 4, and at times that's the maturity of Phoebe. So they played together very well and Nay Nay was so sweet when she tried to show Phoebe things on the hayride that was very far away (a field of cows) and when I told her she couldn't see that far she immediately went to "right off" the side of wagon, "Do you see the rocks, the leaves, the berry bushes"--- don't you just love the way kids adjust to differences like it's nothing?

One of the reasons we love our church family is just that-- total acceptance of who we are, our differences, not a big deal:)

At any rate, we all are enjoying sharing her first autumn. Just taking in all the pleasures she shares about all these new-to-her things. 

She can hardly wait for snow, now don't be thinkin' the girl has turned to the loving the cold stuff, nope, she just knows Christmas is when it's cold and she's heard enough about this special holiday to know it's something she can't wait for.

I heard her tell Kat, "Christmas is so special, it's about God. It's His birthday. I can't wait to celebrate Him."  Ahh, the innocence of her. I could just see God smiling down on her when she said that, HEY--- maybe that 's why her hair is white, it's God's light shining down on her, because she is such a special child:)

Makes me happy and I have no doubt it makes God happy to know this child has gotten it right- it's all about Him. Celebrating Him. 

Makes me excited for CHRISTmas to come just to experience it with her:)


Sandra Bishop said...

My favorite part of older child adoption has definitely been experiencing the "firsts" with that younger-thatn-their-age innocence. I regret all the loss these kids have experienced, but am forever grateful they can still experience life with this enthusiasm and joy.

Dottie P said...

As usual, your post made me cry. I am so thankful for your special family, and the witness for Jesus you must be for the community.