Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall fun

 Please do not wonder why there are not often pictures of the whole crew-- see captions on pictures below and find some understanding, if you will? (MOM) 

It's like a form of torture. For ME. Even so I persevere (MOM) so there are pictures of these cuties for all to see:)

What's funny Chloe?

HELLO?? Camera's over HERE guys!

Got an issue Chloe? Head itchy Chase? 
Chase, don't you DARE smile.

Bored Chloe? Eating something sour Camden?

Yo, Camden, can you look HERE?

Mom gives up, this is as good as it gets


Deb Harrop said...

hehehehe! At least they are all in one grouping! What I noticed most is how much Camden is growing! As my dad always told me (with my size 10 feet!), if his feet hadn't turned under, he's be much taller!

Deb Harrop

mom2three said...

Thanks for sharing even the non-perfect pictures. Helps us appreciate the one that came out. Fortunately, you have a bunch of cuties to start with, and even the "dud" pictures are fun to see.