Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Birthday Girl

Yesterday was a BIG day for a small person with a BIG personality.

Yep, our Paisley turned 16.  Just a tiny thing she is, but full of life and spunk. 

We had cake and a small party, just us and grandma (Ron's mom) because I am sick and spent most of her party on the couch and when I did get up to see her open her gifts Chloe was trying to take pictures of ME for some reason, looking awful so I had to scowl at her, which I'm pretty sure Grandma thought I was scowling at her. (I wasn't)

So I'm late posting because of not feeling well. Sorry about that. Paisley did not mind, now don't think I was offended, nope, she's 16 after all. Life is all about HER:)

She was very happy with her gifts, especially these-----

Toddler size 13 shoes--- I kid you not, she has the tiniest feet. 

 But loads of fun to be able to buy these bling, bling shoes. She may not be thrilled when she's 20 and wants heels to wear and can't find them in toddler sizes but for now she loves being able to fit these cool shoes.

Let's see, things about her--- she loves music. Sings wonderfully.  She's quiet but can be quite intense when she's passionate about something (like her momma, but not the quiet part- ha ha)

 She's a wonderful big sister, having taken Phoebe under her wing and is so patient when answering her questions-- which are all day long.

Paisley is stoic. She's very adamant we do not treat her differently due to her arthritis and if she is able to do something, even if it takes her longer, she wants to do it. And we let her.  

Because she's a tough cookie even while she looks fragile. She's faced daily pain as a way of life and still has a smile whenever you look at her.

She's a daughter we never expected but she's no less loved. We didn't get to travel to China for this girl, but she's home and she's our blessing. 

She's our only freckle faced China girl:) I love her freckles. She's soooo pretty. Such a beautiful smile she has. 

We are so happy to have her as part of our family, she's a precious treasure we are thrilled to call our daughter/sister. We can't imagine our family without her, noooo WAY:)

Happy 16th Birthday Paisley!!


Jessim said...

Sending happy birthday wishes!

I'm not sure if this would work (are toddler sizes different from kids sizes?) But is known for making women's style shoes in kids sizes, for adults with tiny feet. The prices are reasonable for good shoes (so not Target level, but not insane either). They say their size 2 is the same as a 13.5; so it may be close depending on the style (they'll take a fax of your foot to help recommend size). I'm not affiliated, but wear kids size 3.5, so I've looked into finding more grown up shoes; not a lot of great selection in kids shoes.

Shannon Baker said...
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