Monday, September 30, 2013

We did it

Well, kinda, anyway.

The (apparently) dreaded family pictures. I begged. I pleaded. I cajoled.

 I dumped guilt in 2 ton loads on each and every one of my wonderful children to TRY to get all 12 of these precious treasures dressed in BLUE (Donovan, blue NOT BLACK) jeans, and a blue shirt and to show up at my house for a trip to the lovely Rainbow Falls for a photo shoot.

Now do not think this came easily.

Nearly ALL the adult children had some sort of complaint about this and I ended up buying almost everyone's "blue shirt" and even some jeans (BLUE Donovan, NOT BLACK) to get the right attire on all.

Not only that, this would be the SECOND time we attempted this, a no show of Brandon for the first time and again yesterday, (Your mother is MAD ---BRANDON) we were not able to get Brandon in the pictures.

 He may be photo cropped later, but at this point I was just thankful to have 11 of the kids all together and dressed--

 I haven't had a picture of them all with us since way back before we had Kat, then once the big kiddos were grown, I got one of all the "newbies" but not one picture of ALL of my children together. All 12 of them.

And I guess since Brandon didn't show up I still do NOT have my picture of them but it was not for the lack of trying. No it was not.

I really, really tried. (I DID MOM)

But here's what we did get and they turned out so nice, the background is soooo beautiful. 

  The pictures were taken in a very special location, where  Ron and I used to "hang out" as teens.

 We even had our names--- Ron+ Vickie---- carved on the bridge but sadly the bridge has been replaced since those days.

And yes, (MOM) we are aware that's now called vandalism and we did NOT allow Chance to carve his name in the newer bridge.

We had a few people stop off and gawk-- guess that's typical since we are such a large family, someone asked if we were a church group, guess that's a "Yes" if you know us, but mainly we are just a "family."

My good friend Anita took the pictures, she does this as a hobby (She's GOOD) and she was so patient and tolerant of the kids, I mean, after all we had---

Chance playing in the mud, water and rocks

Phoebe whining she was cold

Donovan smiling crookedly and the boys laughing at his commentary

Chloe slid down an embankment

Camden climbing all over the place
Derrik reading a book?

Jay refusing to smile

Phoebe unable to tell where she was supposed to be looking

Paisley being carried to each spot we needed her at

And did I mention BRANDON was a no show:((((

Just driving their mother nuts, like usual. 
 At any rate, here they are, in all their glory---

 Our family pictures, September 2013. 


Jessim said...

WONDERFUL PICTURES! (Sorry you are missing one...)

I come from a much smaller family, and it is still a battle to get good family photos.

rachel garber said...

I think they are fantastic! I especially like the one on the bottom of the post - your kids look like they are all on the cover of a magazine representing some new TV show :)

Karen said...

Love the family pictures! They look great, even if one member is missing... :( I know how it is to try to coax older kids to cooperate!

Rita and John said...

Beautiful! Love the setting and everyone looks happy!

Dottie P said...

The pictures are absolutely beautiful. My husband has taken many family photos, and he will tell you that it is next to impossible to get so many looking that great. And you got 4 out of 5 older kids; that is an accomplishment! Great job, Mom!!!

Dawn said...

Gorgeous pictures!! And dumb question, why do you always put things to "MOM" in your posts? Are you talking to your mom? Lol! Sorry, that's probably the dumbest question ever, but I finally dared ask. ;)

Renee said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family.

Sherri said...

I love favorite all down the stairs!

fmw said...

Love these pictures Vickie, it was so worth the effort :)

Almond Tea said...

What a lovely set of photos!