Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School calls

Without a doubt I knew we would face this yet again.  And it's SO annoying. It was the subject of my call to school to a certain teacher bright and early in the morning. And it  was something I asked this teacher  to stop and think about before assigning this type of project.

What is it?  

An autobiography. Poster size. Grrrr.

Asking all kinds of questions that I, nor half of my children, know the answers to. Where were you born? Weight? True birth date? Parents at birth? When they first walked? What they enjoyed playing with?


And while we do not linger (normally) over not knowing these things, here we are having to try to help a child fill in the blanks as best we can:(

It's not as if we want a poster listing "UNKNOWN" under most of their early childhood life in any classroom for all to see. 

It's inconsiderate of teachers to make these  assignments. Certainly not all children have wonderful childhoods they want to talk/write/post in the class for all to see:( 

Yes, it's "cute" to know you sucked your thumb. Yes, it's something that you were a 10 pound baby. But is it necessary?? NO, it is NOT. 

Now here's some cuteness for you, pics from when the twins went to the beach with friends over the summer:) Aren't they just too cute?

So, yes, I called. And I spoke with the teacher and I told her she would have to accept that my child may very well write that we are her parents, she was born in China to US with the name we gave her, and listing the siblings she has now as her birth siblings. 

That it was gonna be what SHE (Chloe) wants to share.  And that this needed to be accepted and graded and not pointed out to all. Teacher very nicely agreed and was quite understanding, so there was that.

In some ways this assignment is very much a useful way for Chloe to decide what to share. As she will many times over in her lifetime. So I didn't have to release  "Mother Bear" too much with my call, and I was very proud to know Chloe had emailed the teacher herself-- something that has been too scary for her to do in the past. 

My other call to the school? Camden. That darned football. The school nurse (I know her) laughed and told me I was paranoid and she couldn't believe I called her to tell her my child is covered in bruises on his arms from FOOTBALL. That's right, we don't hit children here at all (nope, we won't MOM) and I was mortified to see his arms after his game on Saturday. 

The nurse's son plays on Camden's team and she said her boy looks the same and that I needed to let the boys be boys.  Okay then. 

 But really, do you see why I took issue with him playing before this? I can't believe I'm just gonna ignore this and let him keep at this horrible "sport" (Yes, I will MOM) because he LOVES football. 

Can't like some "safe" sport like golf or something??? Nope. He says. Football. Grrrr. 

I had Paisley's IEP meeting-- she is doing well, the walking she does at school is increasing her stamina as I had hoped it would. She is doing good in her classes, it seems all the teens are settling in well and shocking both me and their ESL teacher:)

Everyone is sharing a cold, Kat, Paisley, Phoebe, Chance, Chase have all been heard sniffling and snotting around-- eewuuuhhhh.

Can't share nothin' else but they share germs quite well:( 

Go figure.


rachel garber said...

I'm glad you called the school. My mom has had to on various occasions (she has five Chinese kidlets) due to lack of thought from a teacher. Last year my sister was in sixth grade and the science teacher wanted them to do some kind of gene-mapping that would show them how they got their eye color/hair color etc. She raised her hand and asked the teacher how she was supposed to do that since she is adopted and the teacher didn't believe her! She went on to explain, in front of all of her peers, that she was adopted as a one year old and has no information about her birth parents so she'd do the assignment based off of our parents but she wouldn't necessarily get the results the teacher was looking for. My mom was irate because in this day and age how many people live with: step-parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, foster parents, older siblings, two dads, are adopted etc. and maybe don't know about their birth parent's genetic make-up? The teacher has since come up with new assignments that don't reflect on personal information anymore. So good for you! And Chloe!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Love, love, love, the beach pictures! At look at the great, natural smiles! If they were mine, those all "wall worthy". LOL

Karen said...

I too think the beach pictures are great!!

Anne Krause said...

Yep, we have the bruises here at our house, too. Fourteen year old thinks he is ready for the Super Bowl. He tells me the bruises are from the pads - they are tight and pinch the arms. And if they "happen" to raise their arms for a catch, it hurts even worse! And this is from our boy who is on the sidelines 99% of the time. But he loves it..........can't figure out why.