Thursday, September 19, 2013


Picture this---

It's early morning. A day I have to go to work. I'm in the bathroom getting ready after the teens all leave for school, because the littles don't leave for over an hour after the teens. 

And I see a mouthpiece (in a case) on the counter. Grr, I think-- "CHLOE".  Knowing she has a field hockey game after school. And she's already GONE.

So being the good mom that you all KNOW I am, I head off after getting the little girls on the bus and I run like a nut (I did MOM) and get to school before I have to be at work so I can drop off the mouthpiece.

They know me in the school office ( of course they do) so once they buzzed me in, I literally dropped mouthpiece (in the case) and tell the secretary who it belongs to. As I am running out the door she assures me that she'll call Chloe down to get it.

So-- as luck goes-- it pours and the game is cancelled. Chloe still has a shortened practice, so she's not home when I get home but she comes in shortly after.

And she says-- "Mom, I have a question."  And I said "Yeah, what is it?"  She says "Who's mouthpiece is this? And why did you bring it to school? 'Cause it's not MINE."

Uh oh.  I told her it was on the bathroom counter. She starts laughing. I ask her "What's so funny?"  She tells me-- "This isn't my mouthpiece, it's DAD's to keep him from snoring."
Oh, dear.

She laughed and laughed and said she even asked the secretary-- "Are you sure it was MY MOM-- Did she have RED hair?"  

Thank goodness she brought it home. Dad doesn't normally leave it on the bathroom counter-- and I doubt he ever does again. Not after learning it's been to school and back:(

Oops. It's all I'm gonna say. Oops.

One mistake I have not made recently--- making yummy apple crisp. Yep, we have an apple tree and the apples have done amazingly well this year, some bigger than a fist. 

The kids were so kind as to go picking those apples. 

Can't eat them all even with all the people in the family, thus we have been enjoying some yummmmmy apple crisp I whip up (yes I do MOM) every few days. 

Lots of it too.  And YES, it's as delicious as it looks:) 

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