Monday, September 9, 2013

He's a TEEN

So hard to believe, my last born son is 13 today. Giving us a grand total of 6 teens WOW.  More than we have ever had at once. 

So, more about this birthday boy--- he is sensitive, a sweet,caring soul. Loves BIG. Looks just like his momma, but has dad's personality through and through.

He likes Christian music and LOVES sports. Football, baseball, soccer, the more action the BETTER. He had a game Saturday and he made one of only 2 touchdowns for his team. Do you think I remembered my camera? Of course not. Hoping someone else got the shot-- or else it will just be a great memory for us all.

 This son o' mine, a  not-so-little-now redhead is a precious gift indeed. He was the voice God used to start our adoption journey, when he asked for a little sister and I said it "Wasn't coming out of me!"  Nope, we were done building our family by birth, yet God had such treasures to come via adoption that we adore and love JUST THE SAME:)

As does this boy, adopted, foster, brother, sister--- hasn't mattered. He has a huge heart and loves them all. He's a precious child of God and we Thank Him for this newly TEENAGE son:) 

Happy Birthday Camden, couldn't love you MORE.

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Sherri said...

Happy 13th Birthday!! Camden.