Sunday, September 1, 2013


Last year our church decided to try a new program, one aimed at the community surrounding the church as well as our own church family.

It's called "Center Shot."  And it's an archery program. It teaches participants of any age about archery, then they get to shoot at targets.

At the first round, Chase, Chance, Chloe and Camden all participated. Really enjoyed it.

So when it was offered for the second round, we decided to let the rest of kiddos have a try. Now this didn't come with some concern, Phoebe for her poor vision --a bow with an arrow, in her hands!! Yes, we did MOM.

And Paisley's weakened wrists were a concern for her. But the program is geared to EVERYONE being able to do this. And having them try this out has been a wonderful thing for the girls. 

Because both Paisley and Phoebe, as well as Kat have had a great time and are doing well.

 Paisley and Phoebe's targets are closer, but they are not the only ones using closer targets and no other modifications have been needed. They use a lighter weight bow, but again, they aren't the only ones and it's not really an issue since the bows come in all different colors and sizes.

It's not something we would have ever thought of that would allow the girls to be the same as other kids and not just participate but to do well within the activity. But it has been very successful for them.

Each child has an adult "helper" to maintain safety, and guide all the children throughout the activity. The kids get to have snack and a devotional time in between the groups who are shooting. 

They also get a shirt, the first time they were tie dye, this time they were bright orange.

 Do you see how proud a certain "someone" (Paisley) is that she got ALL 4 of her arrows on her target?

 It's been a blessing to have this for all of our children. Such a great program:)


Jessim said...

What an amazing program! I can see the sense of pride your daughter has at doing a great job.

Our state is home to a an archer with a limb difference who won Silver at the London ParaOlympics- he has no arms. He gave a talk at my workplace and said how his whole family does bow hunting, so he was going to learn how to do it too. He said the first thing he did was get on Google, and type "How to shoot a bow with no arms"; he said, it had to be there right? Everything is on google. It wasn't. But he figured it out and taught himself to use his mouth/legs. He did some demo shots for us and it was amazing.

He is (was? I don't know the status) trying to get to compete at the US championships ("regular") but is having a lot of push back because others say it is unfair he gets to sit down. He says "what they really mean is it is unfair I'll beat them."

Sorry, long story, but it was so motivational to just hear Matt Stutzman, and your post about the archery really brought it back.

Randi said...

That is fantastic! How fun to see them be able to participate!