Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A week

Let's see--- a blog post because I've been slackin' big time. Life and stuff, you know?

This past Sunday was Youth Sunday-- we were surprised to see most all of our teen kiddos- front and center. Camden went up and announced we would pray over the offering.

 He then looked at Chloe, who was holding the collection plate waiting on him to pray. She did nothing and he said again that we were going to pray and he motioned to Chloe. And again, she stood there. 

About that time another teen whispered to Cam "You are supposed to pray." Oops. So he did. "Bless this offering." Short and sweet but he covered it so it was all cool. 

The kids all got a good laugh after church-- someone stopped dad and said "Hey, I got a bushel of potatoes for you." Which was super, we aren't turning down any food here. But when we went to get them the kids all thought it was funny that they also gave us APPLES. 

Yep, more apples. Because we took  some of our extra apples we have been blessed with and shared them with 2 families at church that very same day. 

So it was funny how God sent it back to us 10 fold, and we didn't even mind the "extra" apples because they were golden delicious apples, a kind we do NOT have. 

And wouldn't you know they are a favorite of 2 or 3 of the kids here. Isn't it amazing how God will do even small things when you least expect it? 

Just those little reminders of how much He loves us:) Don't ever forget that- so many of us go about our daily busy lives and forget when we have any issues that come up-- your Go-To Man is right there, waiting for you to hand over the burden, wanting to take care of it for you but YOU have to let HIM.

We went to a local prayer walk on this National Day of Prayer. Some of us stayed at the "base" while the others walked, the girls were able to sing some songs of praise which they enjoyed so much. 

Something I enjoy-- the "notes" I am a daily recipient of from the girls. They enjoy drawing and always seem to have something they want me to know.

 I thought the picture of ME Phoebe drew was really cool, she got my hair part, color, eye color all right on. 

They give me such joy, yes, such a small thing but  honestly it warms my heart so.  

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