Monday, August 26, 2013

School begins

They went. Yes, they did. Although there was one who wasn't too thrilled. As you can tell in the pictures. But off they ALL went. 

Hopefully they will all have a great start to the year, I have been in contact with our ESL teacher and have been assured everything is in place for all of them. And was thrilled to learn that part of teachers requirements this year is to explain how they are accommodating their ESL students-- whooo hooo. About time.

Guess we brought in enough ESL students now to make a difference:)

One thing I do not look forward to? The end of their school day. Not because I don't miss them (MOM) because I do. But because every-single-one of the kids will have multiple papers that need filled out BY ME and MUST be done tonight, or they will be whipped and beaten at school tomorrow. Okay, maybe not, but the way the kids tell it you would think so. Yes, not ONE of them will cut me the least bit of slack because ALL of their teachers will tell them "These HAVE to be back in tomorrow." 

Some even go so far as to bribe my children to torment me with these papers and their deadline, they offer incentives from "added grade points" to "no homework passes" to "candy prizes."  Oh, teachers, how I dislike thee for these tactics. 

Obviously none of their teachers have 7 children in school at once to fill out these forms and don't even think "copies" because that's not allowed,  NO WAY.

Grrrr. And so the year begins. Two 4th graders, one seventh grader, one eighth grader, two sophomores, and a senior. WOW.

That's all I can say. WOW.


Almond Tea said...

Having your high schoolers (esp your oldest) might give him some good practice on some important life skills. If it comes easy, that's great, if it comes hard, it might keep him humble ;)

Maureen said...

This year, our school district went to online forms that they mailed us each child's 'code' in late July. The most awesome part, after you filled in the first child, it would 'import' much of the info for each (that you had to just click that it was the same, or edit it). It was awesome.

Vickie said...

Well now Maureen rub it in! HaHa- seriously though- that's what I am talking about! Good job your school district:)