Monday, August 19, 2013

Poor Chance

That poor Chance.

All he was trying to do was help. For sure.

And what happens? 

Well, it all started today when I had done some laundry and he wanted to help by switching over the clothes from washer to dryer. He's really COOL like that- totally Mr. Helpful.

I was sitting at the table upstairs when he called me "Mom can you come here?" I said "Why?"  He said "I just need you to come here. And I said "Where?" He said "The wash room, can you come?" And I was wondering good grief what did he break this time what he needed and said "Why?"

So then after he said "Can you just come here?" Chloe chimes in. You know her, the ever helpful sister? She's laughing. "It's your bra, it's stuck in the wash machine."

As I rolled my eyes (Yes, yes I did MOM) and said "Are you kidding me? And what- you are afraid to TOUCH my bra to get it unstuck, Chance?" 

That poor boy, he must have turned 4 shades of red. Especially when I told him that "someday" he will indeed, have a girlfriend then wife and he will touch her bra and that bras "DO NOT BITE."

And then I told dad, "We really gotta talk to those teens AGAIN about the birds and the bees-- he's scared of a bra?"- to which Chloe said "Don't bother, you won't let us date till we are 30 anyway, you got plenty of time." 

The end. Poor Chance.


Sherri said... it. My son is 13 and I told him about the birds and the bees at age 9...because kids in schools, well they have older brothers and sisters and they talk. Advise from my principle friend, she said all her kids knew about it early and her son younger then my Sam knew before him and said it's never too early! Love your post.

Chris said...

Ha ha, that sounds like someone I know when he sorts the laundry.

Rebecca said...

I say keep him scared!!! Run Chance, run far far away from bras!!! :)