Saturday, August 3, 2013

Park fun

Off we went.  First thing in the morning. Meaning as soon as my face hit the door (coming home from work) at 6:15 am there were children ready to go.

 Up,  dressed, ate breakfast, even brushed their teeth (yes, they did MOM) READY to go.

Dad took the day off and we headed out. I didn't tell the kids we were heading to the local SS office, no I did not.

So first we wasted an hour of our lives there went there and accomplished NOTHING, man I don't like that place. Was trying to get Paisley's new card but they won't accept any documents I have without one showing all 3 of her names, Chinese, first family name and present name.

So after a call in to our attorney to ask for an amended adoption decree to address this, we put the disappointment behind us and headed to the PARK.

We arrived as it was opening for the day. And right off the bat some guy came over to us and asked if we could use "these"-- 2 "Buy one admission/ get one FREE" coupons-- uh YES!! 

I told him  "Yeah we had 10 people and that was so nice of him, thank YOU!!" And next thing I know he comes back with 3 more. So we got 5 people in for FREE. What a totally unexpected blessing! 

We hit the water slides first. And the kiddie pool for Kat and Phoebe. And the lounge chairs for mom, Paisley and Chloe. (Yeah CHLOE). 

After that the mini race cars, oh did Phoebe LOVE that, dad took her with him and he said she was screaming in glee.

Someone not screaming in glee. CHLOE. She got out of her car and barfed. Yup, she threw up:(   Was complaining of being dizzy.  Wanted to go to car and lay down. So she did.

We headed in to the park for rides with more fun to be had. I joined Chloe in the car after a bit, not sleeping was not working for me. So I napped, and dad got to handle everyone for a bit. Once Chloe slept a while she felt much better and off to the park she went.

We got home late, one tired crew, 8 bushed kiddos, 2 parents feeling their age:)

 Now before you all go "8 KIDS???" I'll explain (MOM) we have Dustin (my bro's son) for the weekend so he got to go along. 

 But the memories of the day will be with us for a long time, we really had such a great time. Who says you gotta go far and do big things for great memories to be had?

Silly them, we did just fine right in our own "neck of the woods."  And the kids want to go again next year and we sure will:)

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