Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Super Hero

Faster than the speed of light at asking questions, wearing her "cape" everyday-- it's our PHOEBE to the rescue!

Having a bad day? Come on over, she'll lift you right out of that funk:)  She's funny, smart, and her favorite thing to do? PLAY.

Yep, no matter if it's church, the store, just going outside, she is asking "Play time?"

Her "superhero title" began when she started wearing this sweater because she was cold in the air conditioning. Now as she has adjusted to the cold this former sweater-now-turned-cape has become her daily attire, as her "Super Hero Cape."

For sure, she's MY Super Hero! A dream come true, so very long time in coming--- seeing this girl home, playing, learning, a part of our family. Her "spot" was a gaping hole that we knew someone was missing in our family and now she has filled it to the brim with fun, love, laughter, the sunshine that is HER.

7 months since I met her, and it just keeps getting better and better. She told me today when I was cooking her supper, "Oh Mom, I  love you forever and ever and ever and ever." As she hugged me:)

Love this girl, super hero cape and all, could-not-love-her MORE:)

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Sherri said...

She's such a beautiful little girl! She makes me smile, when I have a bad day.