Friday, August 9, 2013

More hair

Well, add in Chloe to the hair equation and what happens? This is what happens.   Major braids. For sure!

Chloe braided hair, first Kat, who ended up Sunday morning with lovely soft waves of hair. 

Throwing Phoebe in to a severe jealousy mode. So then Chloe braided Phoebe's hair in 2 french braids, but it didn't stay overnight. So they tried again  and this is how she looked--

Now, don't mind that ornery brother behind her, he *thinks* he's funny and all that. 

Annoying big brother. It's a wonder she doesn't smack him. 

I think I might have to just not be looking if she ever decides to conk him a good one. (Don't call MOM- he will deserve it)

He was wondering how many braids were there-- any guesses? 

I'll give you a hint, it took 2 hours for Chloe to do it all. Yep, she's got some major patience.  

Needless to say, Phoebe was tickled as could be that her hair turned out like this today----

So now all are happy.  Hair braids, something Chloe is super good at. 

Last week Kat even had a star made of braids on her head. Too bad we didn't have some temporary hair color to make it stand out better, it's hard to see with her dark tresses.

But how cool is that? I even got my hair braided to be wavy the next day, no pictures needed. (Sorry MOM)

So  there you have it. Oh, and if you are wondering about Kat's hair, well- it's still to the tush. She remains undecided so we are making no fast cuts around here.

Drama over. (at least for today) And just so you know 56 braids. I kid you not. 56.  Kudos to Chloe:)


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous girl!

Joy said...

Here is a braid website.

Allison said...

Well now I'm wishing even more that I lived anywhere near your family!!! I have wished this before :-)

We are getting ready to bring home two beautiful African children, one girl, one boy! I know how to braid BUT could use some coaching on those teeny tiny braids. Beautiful girls!