Friday, August 16, 2013

Kat's buddy

Kat's "buddy" has arrived. Yep, Jay is here. Making all the kids happy to see him and question him, as they are apt to do.

Phoebe was very funny. She looked him over. Up, down, up, and around. Then she said "You my brother?" And he said "Yep, I am." She said "You no have red hair?" And he said "Nope, I don't."

 Then later when Malaree stopped in Phoebe said "Hey, you know Brother, he's here." As if Malaree didn't know him:)

Now I would have thought JAY was about the easiest name to remember. But no, he's "Brother."  Guess we will have to work on that because with as many brothers as she has it could get pretty hairy if she's gonna call one "Brother" and not the rest:)

Camden has already had Jay in the yard throwing football, he started his practices for the football season, the same week Chloe started field hockey practice twice a day. So run, run, run we go. Barely time to feed them supper and they are off to practices every evening.

Thankfully the practices will decrease in time and number of them once school starts, which is less than 2 weeks away. I *could* say I'm sad to see them go back to school and that would, indeed, be true. 

BUT they are bored, picking at each other, getting snotty and I think it's really time for them to be productive again. Although, as usual the household is divided.

Chance has no desire to return to school. (But he will, oh yes, he will)
Chloe can't wait.
Camden doesn't want to go back.
Kat can't wait.
Phoebe can't wait.
Chase wants to go back but won't say he "can't wait"-- he's too "cool" for that.
Paisley is looking forward to school, hopefully moving around more will increase her stamina. 

I got a call this week and was so excited to hear someone in our very rural area is ADOPTING from China. 

She said she was told to "call me" 'cause you know we have 4 or 5 kids from China  (oops,  someone forgot/didn't know----it's 6 kids now folks)-- but she did call. We met up at Chloe's field hockey practice and chatted while the kids all played. It was fun and I'm just sooo excited for her.

We had another family stay with us recently for the same purpose, I love that God allows us to share the children we have adopted in such a way that they can be an encouragement to others to adopt.

I don't think anything can ease your mind or make you fired up about adopting like seeing a child/children who are home and are doing well, it's like God giving you a glimpse in to your future when there's an almond eyed sweetie you can call your own son/daughter:) 

So that's what we have been up to, how about all of you?


Rebecca said...

Sounds great! We are ready for school to start too. Routine is always a good thing. Ashlyn is very nervous to start school, even though its only 1 day a week. We homeschool so she's at home the other 4. We are putting her in 7th grade, even though she technically should be in 8th. We will start off slow and let her go at her own pace. Still working on a 2nd grade reading level and spelling as well. She's at about a 5th grade math level, but I want for her to be with kids closer to her own "age". She's mostly there for the social interaction, but I'm pretty sure that by the end of the year she'll be further along than she thought possible:)
Your kids are amazing! I love your posts!

mom2three said...

Hopefully, Jay's homecoming will help the others get a little better understanding of what home is all about. Family is permanent. My crew starts school next Tuesday. Everyone has enjoyed the lazy summer, but are ready to get back into a schedule and see friends. I've enjoyed not having to get others out the door in the morning, but am ready for the routine, too. Thanks for the updates. I, too, love your posts.

Dawn said...

Dumb question, how are you going to "make" Chase go to school? I am truly curious because I can see one of mine doing that and I don't know how on earth I would get them there!!

Sherri said...

You are a blessing to adoptive parents! I personally have sent several of my friends to seek advice from you. You're the one to go to!

Glad Jay's home--hope everything goes smoothly. I know for my own adult kids, it seems they all revert to their "roles" when they return home!