Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School news

So we are 3 days in to school. So far we are doing pretty well. One meltdown (Chloe) on the first day, one headache (Kat) from not eating breakfast. (They were all offered to eat here and/or at school MOM)

ONLY 6 emails and 3 phone calls. 

Not too bad. 

Chloe surprised me, didn't expect her to meltdown but apparently Algebra II teacher didn't have time to teach anything first day but assigned homework?  And Chloe was lost. So adjustments there had to be made.

And the ESL teacher for Phoebe knew that Kat and Phoebe usually went for breakfast and emailed me that they didn't show the first day. Excitement I guess, but the girls don't have lunch until 12:30 pm and I didn't want them to go that long without eating. 

Actually their teacher allows them to bring a 10:30 am snack just because they do have to go longer till lunch, which I think it a great idea because Kat tends to get VERY grouchy when she is hungry. And doesn't often realize that's why she's grouchy:(

Dad did a "supply run" last night, that would be the LIST of things the kids all NEED and needed, ASAP, of course. From book covers, notebooks, binders, to boxes of 24 pencils (how is 1 kid using 24 pencils in one year is beyond me) to fleece fabric, to scientific calculators. 

It doesn't matter how well I try to prepare we always have these lists every-single-year. Because I either have not enough of one thing, too much of another, and who buys "Back to school" 2 yards of FLEECE material?  

The girls have decided that all their clothes that have glitter (which is a lot of their clothes)should be called "Bling bling." So they get dressed then exclaim --- "I have bling, bling, LOOK-- here and here, and here and here."

 Silly girls. Aren't they colorful though? Just lovin' the bright and cheerful colors the girls get to sport each day:)  

And just so you all know, it took me over THREE hours to do the 7 sets of emergency forms for 7 children. BUT---- They got done. No beating, loss of points, crying (okay don't count me)or mixed up forms. 

Now, if I had ANY sense of fun left in me I *might* have sent Kat's forms in with Chase, Chance's in with Phoebe, Chloe's with Camden, Paisley's with Chloe, Phoebe's with Paisley-- just to mess with the teachers. But I didn't. (MOM) 

No fun. None at ALL.


Lynn said...

My kids are at 2 schools but same forms so this year I'm filling out as much as possible on one form all last names, address, my name signature then making 2 photocopies and only filling in the blanks

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Okay, I totally get the 24 pencils. EVERY school year I buy each child 2 pairs of scissors, a box of pencils, a pack of pens, and then repeat the purchase at Christmas. I buy myself & dear husband the same. And, yet, after two months I can never find a pen or pair of scissors. The scary part is WE HOME SCHOOL! LOL