Saturday, July 13, 2013

Post ideas

I asked Chloe for post ideas, told her I was plum out of ideas. 

SO much for that. She said to tell you the teens are going to a movie night. Well then. I'm sure you all are THRILLED to hear that and that will keep you going for a week or MORE right?

Camden chimed in "Quit blogging."  I'll have him at the door for all of you to come over and flog him at 5 pm. 

Kat said I could tell you all about the MANY paper things she has made over the last few weeks. Yes, an origami master she is--- she watches videos to see how to fold paper and dad and I are the proud owners of hearts, bunnies, frogs, boats, swans, hats, flowers, stars---you name it I think she can fold paper and make it.

Phoebe said to tell everybody --"Me happy and love mom and dad and brothers and sisters and the dogs and go outside to play."  

Chance wanted to know if we are going for groceries. No surprise there, Mr 5 ft 10 1/2 and still growing, taller than dad or Chase, or me.  Declared healthy and fit this week when I took the boys for physicals.

Chase grunted at me, some unintelligible language called "teen speak" that means a bounty of things, none of which I would get right if I tried.

Paisley just smiles, and says "I don't know."  

We've done a  few appointments this week- physicals for Chase, Chance, Chloe, Camden.  All declared healthy. Some tests for Paisley, our not-so-healthy one. Holding steady with her health for the moment. 

Summer is half over and flying by. What can I say.  It always seems to do this-- come and go before we know it.  There you have it, not much excitement but all is well (MOM).


thesleepyknitter said...

Post ideas -- with such a large family, how do you handle: division of chores, clothing that many kids, budgeting for food, Christmas gifts, sibling rivalry, disparity between background stories (a big problem among our children), Chinese holidays, eh, running out of ideas. Do you plan a menu for the week or just think up something on the spot? Eh, out of ideas. :-) Always LOVE your blog!

Judy Deaton said...

Having Raised 3 teens so far, this one made me laugh out loud:) Great description!

Chase grunted at me, some unintelligible language called "teen speak" that means a bounty of things, none of which I would get right if I tried.

Don't even bother trying. :)